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    Enamel cup painting, an inexpensive Sunday afternoon project!
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Amazon Price: $12.17 (as of September 20, 2017 7:26 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

This kit includes 8 high quality Testor Enamel paints, a brush and tray. Colors: Gloss Yellow or Red, Dark Blue or Green, Black or White.

Customer Reviews

Testors Enamel Paint Set

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 on October 22, 2014
By Sofia Villanueva
I received the paint on Tuesday as was expected. I haven’t used them yet because I’m still waiting for the model I ordered.

Love the colors. Included product review link.

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 on October 7, 2015
By Paul Riley
I recently bought, and reviewed this product on my vlog. I love the colors–vibrant, plus they include metallic. The feel is very durable. They are oil, so it is good to have paint thinner on hand, and will take a little longer to dry than regular acryllic. However, when dry the colors are beautiful. I found hard surfaces work the best. I included a product review video on this product at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBcVK0rEths

Testors Promotional Enamel Paint Set

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 on June 6, 2015
By deb t
It’s been years since I painted model planes, but Testors is still the oil-based enamel paint to use. I bought this promotional set to paint small hockey game players. The paint is outstanding. Instead of using the enclosed solvent, I use my own paint solvent from the garage and pour some into a glass holder (like the ones used in restaurants to hold au jus or horseradish for your prime rib) The paint brushes on very nicely and smoothly, but because solvent evaporates very quickly from the paint brushes and on the model, try to paint your model just once and don’t repeatedly go over the same area because you will lift the paint. Wait until the paint is dry before brushing it over. This is especially true if you want to cover up so boo boos. If you paint over another area before it is dry and set, the solvent in the fresh paint will lift the original paint off causing it to mix it in with your fresh paint, and voila, you just created a new paint color. If you make any painting mistakes, don’t worry, solvent comes to the rescue. The paint will cover other colors usually in one stroke. Changed some color areas may require two separate coats. Be sure to stir up the paint with a toothpick before using. The gold and silver paints have to be stir frequently because the metallic flakes separates rather quickly. But once stirred, the metallic paint paints on evenly and looks very nice. I used only 1/3 or less of the paint in each bottle, so there are enough paint to paint several small model planes.

Great Value Do All Enamel Kit! Love Testors Paints!!!

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 on March 13, 2016
By RideOrDieGuy
This is a Great Value! There is no way you will find a better price on this many colors, a free brush and tray anywhere…even locally at craft/hobbie stores. In fact, those prices are nearly double in some circumstances. I bought this for some odd projects like highlighting gun sights and the punch marks in my wrenches so that I can see the tool size easily from a distance or in bad light situations.

Great starter!

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 on June 1, 2011
By Razer
This is a great starter set to have or even to use regularly. If you don’t paint big models this will last. I paint gundam model kits and so far have done 3 models full painted and have lots of paint left over. The thinner comes in the same size bottle as others but is enough for like i said if you don’t do big stuff. the paint brush is basic so i would use it as primary.


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 on December 28, 2009
testors always has god paints. there pretty basic colors if you ask me. there good for model planes, cars tanks and belive it or not there good for making custom lego minifigures. it’s good for people who are just starting to use model paints. the thinner can be useful at times to. i just wish the bottles were bigger. you can used a dried out thin tipped sharpie for smaller details to. have fun.

First off this isn’t a toy, but…

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 on May 25, 2012
By VoicesDark
These are definitely not a toy, they are NOT something you want kids using or using without very careful supervision.

some things never change, which isn’t always a bad thing

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 on September 30, 2016
By That Guy
After having taken a roughly 20 year break from model-making, from my childhood to now, you can’t imagine how unjustifiably happy I was to find that Testors paints still come in the same little glass jars. The sound of those clinking together really took me back. Oh, and the paint is lovely and functional as well, just as it was 20 years ago.

Just wonderful….. Great array of colors

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 on April 10, 2015
By Miss NaughtySkinz
The best. The product speaks for itself. I enjoy working with this medium, and this is a fabulous assortment of colors! Slim packed and comes with the signature brush that testors has always provided, if you don’t know which paint to get for little intricate projects, stop now. I use these for miniature crafting. They shine beautifuly and cover in just one coat nearly every time. I can’t imagin why anyone would be disappointed in this paint

Good paint set, fair price.

 on January 11, 2017
By Steven C.
Nice paint set! They are just like the sets from when I was a kid, and the quality seems to be just as it always was! Although I purchased this as a gift, I can’t wait to see what the outcome of the painted model truck is.

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