• default - TaoTronics 65ft Bluetooth Transmitter / Receiver Long Range 3.5mm AUX Wireless Audio Adapter for TV Car Stereo System (Hands-Free Calling in RX Mode, aptX Low Latency, Pair 2 Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones)
    TaoTronics TT-BA07 2 in 1 Bluetooth Adapter Video Guide
  • default - TaoTronics 65ft Bluetooth Transmitter / Receiver Long Range 3.5mm AUX Wireless Audio Adapter for TV Car Stereo System (Hands-Free Calling in RX Mode, aptX Low Latency, Pair 2 Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones)
    TaoTronics 2 In 1 Wireless Bluetooth Audio Adapter TT-BA08 Review
  • default - TaoTronics 65ft Bluetooth Transmitter / Receiver Long Range 3.5mm AUX Wireless Audio Adapter for TV Car Stereo System (Hands-Free Calling in RX Mode, aptX Low Latency, Pair 2 Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones)
    TaoTronics Bluetooth 4.1 Transmitter / Receiver Review
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Dual Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver
The TaoTronics Portable Bluetooth 4.1 Transmitter and Receiver TT-BA12 connects via 3.5mm or RCA and streams audio to your Bluetooth headphones or speakers in TX mode. Set it to RX mode to wirelessly receive audio from iphone smartphones, iPads or computer in car or home sound system.

Hands-Free Calling while Driving
Connecting the TaoTronics 2-in-1 Bluetooth Adapter with Microphone in RX mode will allow it to communicate directly with your smartphone. Answer or hang up incoming calls via the multifunction button and talk with the integrated mic.

Wider Range for Spacious Environments
Feeling 32ft / 10m of working range is not enough? Rejoice yourself with the broader connectivity field of the TaoTronics Bluetooth Adapter and stream audio to or from your Bluetooth devices from up to 65ft / 20m.

Artfully Synchronized Audio with aptX-LL
Lip-sync delay is the archenemy of all Bluetooth adapters. But fret not! TaoTronics has equipped the Bluetooth 4.1 Transmitter with an aptX Low Latency audio codec for a real-time sound transmission when playing games or watching movies in TX mode.

Connects to 2 Devices
Unlike those Bluetooth adapters that can communicate with just one device at a time, the TaoTronics Portable Wireless Adapter can transmit to up to two Bluetooth headphones, speakers, or soundbars simultaneously. Turn it on and it will automatically reconnect to the last two paired devices.

What is In The Box:
1 x TaoTronics 2-in-1 Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver with Mic TT-BA12
1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable
1 x 3.5mm Female to RCA Male Cable
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x User Guide

Customer Reviews

So far so good for car stereo! Works great.

 on February 6, 2018
By S. Vanhoose
My 2007 Mazda has an AUX mode, but it involves plugging my phone into the car in order to play music. Now that I have a new iPhone, it also involves keeping an additional headphone jack adapter in the car. So I bought this instead to allow my phone to play music via Bluetooth.

Works Great

 on January 23, 2018
My 2010 Prius’ stereo does not have Bluetooth, only an aux port that is in the center console. This setup worked ok with my iPhone 6+ as I could use the headphone port for the aux and if I needed to charge it (long trips), I could use the lightning port. When I got my new iPhone 8, I could only use the lightning port with the adaptor that came with the phone and an aux cable; if I was on a long trip I could not charge and listen at the same time (tried two different splitters that did not work). When I saw the TaoTronics Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver I was hopeful that it would solve my problem. I received it last night; sync’d it this morning (very easy to sync) and it works like a charm! I am very pleased with this product!

I can hear TV again!

 on January 10, 2018
By Dan A.
I was looking for a solution that would let me hear TV better as I was catching every 3rd word on some shows…I had particular problem with movies with background music or foreign accents….this was the solution…just bought my wife a set of headphone as this unit pairs with 2 headsets at the same time…this thing is not much bigger than a quarter but puts out a strong bluetooth signal that my wireless headphones pick up without issue. Had a little problem understanding what the lights meant regarding pairing but figured that out pretty soon…a little more documentation/instructions would be welcome.

Works Perfectly

 on December 29, 2017
By Mulley
I stay up late at night doing research on the computer and like to have the TV on. I have always kept the sound down really low so that it does not keep my husband awake. We have a Sony TV with Bluetooth but it would not connect to the Sony Bluetooth speaker that I bought. It is a great TV other than this one function and Sony’s tech people told me it is only for connecting a keyboard or phone, not speakers or headphones. Huh? After a bit of research I ordered this BT transmitter because it is one of the newer ones. It works perfectly with the Sony speaker and with a 5$ speaker we bought to try. I am older and have some slight hearing problems and can now hear everything with the speaker sitting on my desk. There is a very slight lag in the speech but if you are not staring at the tv, only glancing at it once in a while it is not a problem. I plugged it into the headphone port on a dvd player so that it does not affect the sound on the TV. Otherwise, if it was connected to the TV’s headphone port, I would have to be constantly unplugging it and re-plugging it in. The only hard thing to remember is to turn it off when I am done at night.

Easy to pair and sounds good.

 on December 16, 2017
By Jim
We use this model as a receiver for my wife’s treadmill. We already had a TaoTroncs transmitter connected to a television that we previously used with a blue tooth portable speaker. Both units work very well although I believe that this model is superior to the older transmit only device we were already using. If I were to start from scratch on a new wireless audio connection I would purchase 2 of these units, then set one to transmit and the other to receive. We also bought an in line volume control to put in series with the receiver output to reduce the volume as required.

Beautifully designed Bluetooth device

 on November 7, 2017
By James Li
This is an update to the TaoTronics TT-BA09, which I also own and have found to be a very functional Bluetooth transmitter and receiver. The current offering, the TT-BA12, is a very nice upgrade. It is about a quarter of the size of the other model (see the two photos showing them side by side). It feels solid in the hand and the metal case is an improvement over the plastic of the former model. Despite the tiny size of this Bluetooth radio, it has great range throughout our house and works with low latency and good sound reproduction as advertised. We generally have it hooked up as a receiver connected to a stereo system that repeats the music or audio we send from Alexa or an iPhone. Both are connected at once and whichever device is sending first is the one that captures the Bluetooth receiver. (If there is a break in the transmission, the other device can capture the receiver without an additional pairing step.)

If it doesn’t work hooked to your tv…

 on January 23, 2018
By Tessy C.
I tried three TV’s and NOTHING! I was mad because all of the videos I watched showed it working instantly. 1. MAJOR downside, especially in today’s world, without a face on this thing, you can’t ensure that you’re hooked to your wireless headphones and NOT the upstairs TV. Before you waste HOURS (speaking from experience) of your life, trying to do this, if it doesn’t work via RCA cables to TV, try the cable box. It was GREAT after I figured it out. No interference! GREAT range.

This is so much better than my last one

 on December 12, 2017
By Malibu Shary
I rarely give 5 stars to electronics. This one is just too good. The range is incredible. It’s not that I need 60 feet. It’s that in the house, I have my bt transmitter taped to the back of my entertainment center and just 20 feet away in the garage while I’m doing things, up to now, my bt transmitter would cut off and I’d have to relocate the speaker over and over to get some decent music. Same thing outside on the deck, up to now, the location of the speaker had to be JUST so for it to work. With this new transmitter, I can put the speaker ANYWHERE in the garage, upstairs on the deck, downstairs on the deck, and the music streaming is uninterrupted.

Product worked as expected

 on December 28, 2017
By Blanche
At first glance this product is neatly packed with minimal instruction and a straight forward plug and play formatting. Using the included auxiliary cord we were able to connect multiple devices to the TaoTronic. We even tried it in our second vehicle and all worked great. The actual device was much smaller than expected which was an added benefit. It has worked seamlessly with playing all my music from my iPhone through the car using Bluetooth. I especially like it because my phone has the additional battery pack case which doesn’t allow plugging in the auxiliary cord unless I take the case off so this device eliminates the need for that. I also like the ability to answer phone calls handsfree through the car. As long as the phone speaker is close to you the person on the other end of the call can hear just fine (reason for 4 star review). I have not tried using it in RX mode to transmit audio from non blue tooth device to Bluetooth device ie TV to speakers. They also sent some instructions via email that I received after trying the device. One thing I would have like to know before I used it was it recommended charging the device for 2 hours before using it for the first time. Overall the device has met my needs and I have been pleased with it. It came with all the parts needed to function in all capacities.

TaoTronics 65Ft Bluetooth Transmitter (and Receiver) is the BEST, Period!

 on November 27, 2017
By Jim.Wilson (Boca Raton)
The TaoTronics 65Ft Bluetooth Transmitter (and Receiver) is the BEST of all the alternatives. I have three of them, attached to our three Large Flat Panel HDTVs. They each PAIR perfectly with our HARMON KARDON Onyx Studio 4 portable efficient Bluetooth (BT) equipped speakers. One can move the Sound around within a 20 meter range, truly twice the range of all other BT devices. If in doubt, BUY this one, as a technology guy, I have tested most of those available. JimW

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