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    Easy Steer Sportster from Step2
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    ( Preview + How to ) STEP2 Easy Steer Sporster Ride-On
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    Step2 Easy Steer Sportster, Red Black White – Kids Outdoor Toys
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    step 2 easy steer sportster
  • default - Step2  Easy Steer Sportster, Red/Black/White
    Step2 Easy Steer Sportster
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    Step2 Easy Steer Sportster
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    Step2 Whisper Ride Cruiser – Red
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    Step2 Easy Steer Sportster (French Translation)
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    Step2 Whisper Ride Cruisers
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    Schwinn Tricycle Review (Easy Steer Trike)
Amazon Price: $69.99 (as of November 21, 2017 12:35 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Designed for children 18 months to 4 years, the Easy Steer Sportster offers a fun way to ease the transition from strollers. This push car's full-turn front wheels provide optimal maneuverability for comfortable handling around the neighborhood or anywhere else your little adventurer would like to go. Additional features include Whisper Wheels for a smooth, quiet ride, and a folding handle for easy transport and storage. And with two cup holders, seat belts, and a steering wheel with horn sounds, this Sportster is sure to please parent and child alike.

Kids can steer with the steering wheel, or adults can take over with the push handle. View larger.

Full turn front wheels provide supreme maneuverability.
View larger.

Stylishly Designed with Safety in Mind

The single-seat Easy Steer Sportster is a stylish, safe ride for your little one. Resembling a red convertible, the Sportster is formed of lightweight yet durable plastic. The car has a large storage area under the hood, a child's cup holder, and an in-dash phone holder, and it comes with seatbelts that can be adjusted around the waist of your passenger for a safe, snug fit.

Caster wheel retracts for riding on rough terrain. View larger.

When play is done, the handle folds into the car for easy storage and transport. View larger.

Full-Turn Front Wheels Provide Maneuverability

Boasting Whisper Wheels for a smooth, quiet ride, the Easy Steer Sportster's full-turn front wheels provide 360-degree maneuverability for comfortable handling.

While adults use the push handle to control the Sportster, kids can use the steering wheel to operate separate caster wheels that control swivel turning. The casters can retract for riding on rough terrain, or for allowing adults to take control of steering.

Folding Handle for Easy Transport and Storage

To ensure easy operation, the Sportster's lightly textured handle can accommodate two hands for a secure, steady grip. The handle includes an adult cup holder that pivots to stay level with the ground while cruising along. When not in use, the handle folds under the unit for compact storage.

Assembling and Operating the Easy Steer Sportster

The Easy Steer Sportster took our testers about 30 minutes to assemble. The most difficult part of the process was attaching the front and rear wheel axels, which required significant effort to hammer into the car's underbody. The rest of the components were easy to install by comparison.

Once assembled, the Sportster performed as designed. Steering was easy, thanks to the sturdy handle and full-turn front wheels. The handle was equally easy to fold away for quick storage.

Young children will undoubtedly enjoy the fun, interactive nature of the ride, and adults will appreciate the convenient handling and storage features.

What's in the Box

Step2 Easy Steer Sportster, sticker sheet, and instruction sheets.

Easy Steer Sportster

At a Glance:Single-seat rider eases the transition from strollersIncludes adjustable seatbelts for safetyFull-turn front wheels ensure optimal maneuverabilityWhisper Wheels provide a smooth, quiet rideContains two cup holders, storage compartment, and cell phone holder

Age/Weight Requirements:18 months to 4 years

Assembly Requirements:Hammer, Phillips screwdriver, wrench, pliers, and wood block (not included)

Customer Reviews

Don’t get the whisper, get this one!

4 people found this helpful.
 on March 20, 2017
By Jacqueline S.
I got this when my son was 16 months old. One month later, he still LOVES it- like obsessed with it! This is the one to get because it turns pretty well. The whisper does not turn so this one is way better.

He’s favorite thing!

5 people found this helpful.
 on December 8, 2016
By Kristen
My 13 month old son LOVES this! He plays on it even when it’s parked in the house. We’ve had it for about 2 months now. I take him for walks in it and I use it in lieu of a stroller at the mall and shops. The “fifth wheel” makes it super easy to navigate turns. Definitely a key feature…don’t buy one without! Great purchase and very good price.

The best car ever.

21 people found this helpful.
 on February 19, 2015
In the past, I have purchased the model without the adult cupholder and without the “easy steer” for friends as gifts and I have to say, THIS IS THE ONE TO GET. Don’t even think about it. Just get this one. It’s SO MUCH BETTER. I bought this for my 9month old and she LOVES it. I cannot emphasize this enough. It’s nice that this model has the easy steer as it helps maneuver around on regular concrete, and then for rougher terrain, you can convert it into the fixed wheel mode. I was confused about the easy steer, whether it would allow baby to steer, but it doesn’t. The wheel on the car does not allow baby to steer at all. My only complaint about the easy steer is that the knob to convert it from easy steer to regular takes up quite a bit of room in the hood of the car. However, there is enough space for me to stash my cellphone, keys, and a jacket for baby. It’s a tough little car, as my husband has pushed LO in it while skateboarding down the street. Its held up so far, although we have only had it for a few months. Adult cupholder is a nice touch for when you want to go on a booze cruise. Also, I don’t know what the other people are talking about, how the steering wheel easily comes off. It seems pretty sturdy in there. I’ve picked up the car by the steering wheel and it’s not coming out. As far as assembly, I can see how people say the axle for the car is difficult to put in. My husband had this problem, so leave it to a woman to put it together. It takes a little bit of common sense (which is not described in the instructions) to attach it onto the car. You cant force the whole thing in at once; you’ll never get it in. You have to angle the axle rod past the plastic bumps one at a time; starting with the ones in the middle. take the axle and position it perpendicular to the bottom of the car and push down firmly so the middle gets inserted first, then lay down the rod and push the outer sides in. It’s simple physics. Also, in order to not scratch the top of the car, lay a towel down while you’re doing this. Hope this helps for anyone who’s having trouble.

Works fine with the seatbelt

3 people found this helpful.
 on September 11, 2016
By Baton de Colle
My 10 month old loves this car. It is larger then the most recent Step2 car, and the seating area is much larger. Works fine with the seatbelt, and allows more room to grow and use it for a while longer. My kid hates the stroller but could spend all day in this car. The optional stroller front wheel is awesome, folding handle is awesome. I don’t like the handle drink holder. I removed it as it tips easily. I was worried that someone not knowing this could put hot coffee int it.. Just removed and threw it away. Not worth the risk of it falling on your kid.

Excellent push car for walks or just playing. Loved by both kids but momma too!

 on August 31, 2017
I am so glad I chose this car with that little extra wheel in front to make for smooth turning. It really makes it so easy to push and turn and walk with this little car. Never thought it would be so effortless and easier than a stroller. My son (14 months now) loves this car still (we’ve had it a couple months) and will just sit and sit in it for long walks or if parked, he climbs in and out and in and out. I tell everyone this is really my present to myself as he loves to go for walks but also will just chill in it, turning the wheel and honking the horn if we are at the neighbors house talking. Its a great way for me not to have to hold him as much and occupies him so long. He loves taking it for walks as he can see out well and for me its so easy to keep an eye on him. Its very sturdy and even my 3.5 year old goes for rides and I run him around fast it in. We all really love this thing. I wasn’t going to get another “thing” to fill our garage but this was so worth it for me! It actually makes my life easier. I can’t put much in the cup holder on top (only fits a plastic water bottle) but i do stick in doggie bags or snacks. The little cup holder below is great though. I even line up treats in the other little opening in the car on the other side.I highly recommend. Im guessing it’s appropriate probably for age 8 months and up as long as your child is a good sitter And my 3.5 year old still loves it but more for playing around. I do think he’d go for walk in it but i usually give it to the little guy. There is a seat belt in it but the child still needs to be a good sitter to use.

Pretty easy to put together

 on May 22, 2017
By HY Tang
Pretty easy to put together. Took about 20 minutes total. However, my car was missing a part to space out the wheels so I couldn’t put the last wheel on. Pretty friendly customer service. I called and they shipped the parts out the next day. Got the extra parts within 2 business days. The only problem was, the replacement parts bag was still missing the piece that I needed. I just improvised and stacked the extra washers (7 or 8 of them) and used them as spacer for the wheels.


2 people found this helpful.
 on March 13, 2017
By beadie101
LOVE this car! It was pretty simple to put together. It is super cute. Product packaging was ok. Came to my house quickly. It pushes with ease. Turns with ease and has a “seat belt” which seems pretty secure. My son loves it. It has a cup holder for him, and one for me. It also has a front storage where you can put random items. We usually keep diapers, wipes, a snack, my keys, and a small blanket. It also has a slot which can hold a smart phone, which we play music on while we cruise around.

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