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The world's #1 brain-teasing puzzler is still going strong with billions of puzzling combinations, but only one solution! Scramble the colored squares on this addictive and multi-dimensional cube. Then twist, turn, and rotate to match up the colors again on all 9 sides! Can you master the mysteries of the Rubik's Cube? Can you improve your time once you solve it? Pit yourself against the ultimate brain teaser! Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

Customer Reviews

I hate this thing…

 on April 27, 2017
By Dean K.
When I was a kid in the 80’s I could solve this thing in less than 2 minutes. I’m not a kid anymore and it’s not the 80’s – and now I can’t figure this thing out now matter how hard I try (yep, You-Tube here I come). However if you’re lucky enough to remember the 80’s and the Rubik’s Cube phenomenon, you know there are a few things required in order to be a pro at solving this thing. It starts with good hardware. First the sides have to slide smoothly and it has to be well build. Cheap knock-offs had sides that were difficult to turn and sometimes pieces would pop off when you’re spinning the sides at high speeds (anyone else try to loosen their’s up with WD-40?). This cube is well built, so if you’re having trouble solving it, sadly it’s not the cube – it’s you.

almost like he was thinking

 on May 7, 2016
By Nichole
I bought this for my 3 year old, sensory seeking toddler boy. The second i handed it to him, he knew instantly how to play with it, he started spinning it in all diff directions. Stopping, staring at it, almost like he was thinking, and then spinning again. He is in LOVE with it. It’s very sturdy, he gets excited and a little aggressive with certain puzzle toys, and this is holding up very well. He even tried to pick at the stickers and they aren’t going anywhere (yet).

Yes, it’s the original, and yes, it’s still fun

 on May 7, 2017
Let’s cut to the chase: if you had this toy in the 1980s and you want to get the same thing you used to have, this is it, and it still works great. For those of you who’ve, never owned a Rubik’s Cube, it is a fun puzzle game for those who like to tease their brains. The original idea works best, and I wouldn’t go with another company that has “improved” it. The joy of the three by three version is that beginners can just have fun trying to solve one side, others can try solving two sides, and (probably with some online help), you can also try to solve the whole thing.

So i bought one and the outcomes were very sad. I was sitting there for hours while the …

 on March 28, 2018
By Ralph Sula
I was once motivated to solve this because i have not solved it before in my life. So i bought one and the outcomes were very sad. I was sitting there for hours while the tv played a movie. I thought to myself , this is nothing, i got this. Life or death situation, dedicated,motivated, i was. Then i sat there sitting how to figure it out . I have figured out a way to turn one side to yellow and as i stood up , tears of joy on my eyes. It made me more pumped to keep trying again. My housemate comes through the door and i tell him about my success. He threw me hurtful words that sunk into my head and just messed me up. “How are you going to get the other sides in all the same colors ?” As i fell to my knees in disappointment , my tears of joy had become tears of sadness . I knew i couldnt solve it.

This is more like the original Rubik’s Cube that I remember

 on December 17, 2016
By Terri Lynn
This is more like the original Rubik’s Cube that I remember. They are made a little bit looser to make it easier to turn faster to beat the clock, I guess. I never tried to beat the clock, I was just thrilled to be able to solve the thing. But I guess everything is competition these days.

after ordering this I realized there are better ones out there (of other brands) if you are …

 on May 15, 2017
By Cynthia
this was exactly as expected. I did not recieve a knockoff, this is the standard Hasbro Rubik’s cube. (it was a bit smaller than I expected, but then again I did not read the dimensions). it is what you would expect from a Rubik’s cube, however, after ordering this I realized there are better ones out there (of other brands) if you are actually interested in making a hobby out of solving it. these ones work, but are not super forgiving about turning it, everything has to line up perfectly and it’s not extremely fluid.

Really smooth motion and a classic fun toy

 on February 7, 2018
By Styme
I first got one of these when I was a kid and was never able to figure it out. Now with the advent of the internet I’ve finally done it. This cube is great with the easy turning and precision. If your ever going to buy another one I would suggest getting this professional grade cube. Everything spins so smoothly and doesn’t get hung up like the old one I had as a kid. Good luck and happy solving


 on April 2, 2018
By noneyobidness
I’ve always sucked at Rubik’s cubes but the only one I ever owned, someone peeled the stickers off to make it seem like they “solved” it (lies). As an adult, I figured I’d have to be good at these now and my brain could handle solving it. Turns out, I still suck at these but it’s fun to mess around with and it’s a challenge. I’d say a Rubik’s cube is perfect to train your brain, be a challenge, and test your patience! Lastly, the little stand that comes with this is oddly amazing; didn’t know I needed it but I’m glad I have it!

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