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    10 Best Kick Scooters: Wasatch Urban Deluxe Aluminum Big Person Kick Scooter
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    Top 10 Goped Toys & Games [2018]: Go-Ped Know-Ped Kick Scooter (Blue)
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The legendary scooters that started it all! shred the pavement, bust out big tricks, or just cruise around town in style. With innovative design, quality construction and cool features, these are the scooters that sparked a revolution. The popular kick scooter comes in a deluxe size and is built for taller riders. With extra-large urethane wheels and a cool profile, it's the smoothest ride around! the A5 Lux kick scooter is easy to fold and ready to go. No assembly required. Recommended for ages 8 and older and will support a rider up to 220 pounds. Read and understand the enclosed owner's manual before riding. The buyer and rider of the Razor scooters are responsible for knowing and obeying all local, state, and federal regulations regarding the riding and use of scooters.

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Customer Reviews

This scooter is a fantastic adult scooter+useful modifications! (legend)

 on March 16, 2016
By HardyHar
LEGEND* (products I review that are absolutely fantastic or have been incorporated to my daily life will be marked with a “LEGEND” symbol)

For a 52 year old secretary it’s kinda like a death wish – but happier

 on March 25, 2015
By constance cafazza
At 52 years old I may have bitten off more than I can chew but in spite of my bleeding ankles and the feeling that I just escaped death while riding this for only .7 miles, I like it! It unfolds right out of the box and is ready to go. The handlebars in the photo are 13inches and many reviewers thought they were too narrow for adult shoulders. The handlebars on this scooter are actually 18 inches and that seems to be more desirable for the average adult scooter enthusiast. So far I can’t switch legs without stopping, I nearly killed myself rolling over a small crack (I’ve learned to pull back a little on the handle bars over cracks) and if I take one hand off of the handlebars, say, to push up my glasses, I wobble and then crash badly. Using this kick scooter really gives the standing leg a tough workout as it is always bent or bending – like posting on an English saddle but using only one leg at a time – unless coasting when you can straighten both legs (ahhhh….muscle relief!) and then just worry about wrecking and dying. I had thought this would be good on sidewalks but now I realize that I have to decide whether to try and maneuver those treacherous cracks or just embrace the smoother street riding and risk my life getting tagged by cars. I know I should wait till I have more experience scooting before I write this review but really, I’m pretty excited about it all. I think it’s a good machine for the price and I’m determined to get better at it. Maybe I’ll add more to my review in a few weeks if I’m not laid up in a hospital covered in plaster.

Razor has an answer to the Xootr

 on September 29, 2009
By Dr. Who
I have so many push scooters I bought from Amazon. My all time favorite was the Goped because of the high weight capacity, and its soft comfy tires. For those that are thinking of getting a scooter, you can read the following comparison based on what I have experienced.

A folding scooter with large tires weighing only 8.6 pounds.

 on March 2, 2016
At only 8.6 lbs (I measured it myself) this is a light scooter with big wheels for comfort. This folds so you can easily pack it or carry it in your car – both the handle bars and the mid-joint. The glide is very smooth for a stock scooter (but as many have pointed out, you can get even more slippery smooth by upgrading to higher ABEC rated bearings). The balancing is similar to a Sinclair A bike, but most people can get used to this very fast with a few practice runs. The patented Razor rear step brakes work well, but you could also simply jump out of the scooter while still holding unto the handles but that would require more skill. Overall, I think this version is aptly named “Lux” as it is like buying a comfy SUV rather than a sports car – this model is built for relative comfort rather than extreme performance. In some ways, within the Razor line up this model would be the polar opposite of their Razor Black Label 4.0 Pro Scooter, so you can envision.

Mixed feelings. Great scooter but issues after less than a year.

 on February 10, 2017
By Dana Dinsmore
I have very mixed feelings about this scooter. I use it to commute about a mile to work over bumpy roads and sidewalks. It rolls very nicely and the ease of folding it is optimal for carrying it up stairs and storing it next to my desk. I can even ride it wearing a skirt and in a pinch I have even used it wearing (small) heels, which makes it much more convenient than biking.The platform is large enough for my adult feet and it is sturdy enough to comfortably hold my weight with my laptop and some books in a backpack. My issues is that after about 6 months, the handle bars began to be loose causing issues with steering. I had to tighten them regularly. What happened was that over time the impact of the bumps on the road had caused the aluminum to expand where the handle bars meet the base. Eventually it became so loose that the threads were useless and the handle bars freely lifted off of the scooter even with the single clamp tightened all the way. I believe this is a design issue. Perhaps the handle bars need to be made of a less malleable metal or they should be secured with a double or triple clamp. I was able to fix my scooter by buying a Razor Ultra Pro Series Quad Clamp. With some elbow grease I managed to bend the expanded part of the handle bars back to their original size to fit inside the clamp. Hopefully this fix holds. I really love my scooter and am so happy I bought it, but I am disappointed that I had a major issue within a year of purchasing it. Even with my issues, I give it 4 stars because I think fast, easy transportation to work for a year was worth the money. If I had to do it over, I would still have bought it. Plus, my commute is quite bumpy, so the wear is slightly more forgivable. I would say as a toy or transportation over smooth roads, this scooter is optimal. If you are going to use it over bumpy roads, keep in mind that it may give you problems eventually.

From 10 min walk in the sweating hot weather to 3 min fun ride

 on May 23, 2017
By Bo L.Roff-Marsh
I am female in 30’s who lives in Los Angeles area. Every Saturday, I have a language class in LA downtown where parking is expensive and some of the street meters are inaccessible due to certain conditions on the streets. The parking structure provided by my school for free is 10 mins walk from the classroom. Walking for 10 mins is easy and nice, but not when you are late or it is filthy hot. It started getting very hot in LA and I have been late to the class for a few times. Then I saw adults skating the kick scooters in downtown on my way to the classroom. To be honest, I have not seen adults skating scooters before.. – or maybe I did not pay attention to. It looked so efficient and did not look awkward for adults.

Great size for middle age kids. Durable and fun

 on May 18, 2016
By Beena
This razor A5 is the perfect size for your teens and middle age children. I bought two of these scooters for my ten and twelve year old children. Now my seven year old daughter wishes she had one like this. They love the bigger wheels, this scooter stands taller than the other scooters yet the height bar is still adjustable so it can fit all heights of children. I even enjoy using this scooter I don’t feel like I’m going to fall off. It rides smoothly and I like the brake on the back wheel you just reach your foot over it and push down. The handles have cushion on them, the scooter will fold in half making it easy to pack in the car and go to the park. My kids ride this every day and it has held up nicely, we have had them now for 6 months. I highly recommend this scooter.

Lots of Fun

 on September 1, 2015
By Schils
My kids (6 & 3) were having too much fun on their scooters for me to not join. I’m 200 lbs and this works well. Very stable. So fun that my wife asked for one too. Now we’re all on scooters zooming around.

Throwback, baby! No shame in adult scooting!

 on May 30, 2016
By Olivia
My husband and I use these to cruise Manhattan. The ride is smooth, and they are SO convenient in the city!

Excellent scooter for dog lovers too!

 on December 26, 2015
By J. Gray
This scooter is a delight no matter your size. I bought two for Christmas (one for me, one for my husband) so we could run with our smooth colllie while actually having a hope of keeping up. The end game is to teach my dog to pull the scooter as an energy outlet. As long as SOMETHING is paved this scooter will go; more on that in a minute.

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