• default - Rabbitgoo Privacy Window Film Matte White Window Film Frosted Window Film Static Cling Glass Film Non Adhesive Window Film for Home Bathroom Office Meeting Room Living Room 17.7" x 78.7"
    Top 10 Rabbitgoo Toys [2018]: Rabbitgoo Privacy Window Film Matte White Window Film Frosted Window
  • default - Rabbitgoo Privacy Window Film Matte White Window Film Frosted Window Film Static Cling Glass Film Non Adhesive Window Film for Home Bathroom Office Meeting Room Living Room 17.7" x 78.7"
    Top 10 Home Comforts Toys [2018]: White Mountain Puzzles Comforts of Home Jigsaw Puzzle (300 Piece)
Amazon Price: $8.29 $6.99 You save: $1.30 (16%). (as of June 20, 2018 9:10 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Rabbitgoo Frosted Window Films Are Perfect For You If You Want High-Level Privacy,

Better Business Setting Application And A Less Flashy Look.

They Provide TOP Level Privacy And Still Let In Most Of The Sunshine.

They Create A Professional Look For Offices And Can Be Removed Without Leaving Any Trace.

They Are Pretty But Not Flashy, Can Be Used In More Formal Settings Showing Your Good Taste.

The Glue-Free Feature Cuts Down Chemical Release Drastically.

You Don'T Want Your Film That Is Heated By The Sun Every Day To Contain Any Glue.

The Force Of Static Sticks The Film To The Glass, And They Are Also Capable Of Blocking

Out 96% Of UV Rays, Keep Your Furniture Away From The Damaging Sun Lights.

Easy To Apply And RISK-FREE PURCHASE (30 Days Return Policy Guarantee Against

Any Product Defects) Guarantee You Will Have A Perfect Shopping Experience.

*Only Applies on Smooth Glass Surfaces

Customer Reviews

Looks great

 on September 5, 2016
By Swellguy
This looks great and it did what I was hoping it would do, make the shower look a little less boring and it kind of hides the soap scum that is so irritating to try and keep clean. I would recommend having a really sharp exacto blade or utility knife with a fresh blade for precise trimming. Before you start, tape it in place at the top and one side and trim off some of the excess, but leave about 1/2 inch extra at one side and the bottom. You’ll trim that down later. When you spray the soapy solution, don’t do too much, and don’t do too little, about as much as you would if you were cleaning the glass with windex. Get a scraper, not a squeegee, to get the bubbles out. Start at the top and get it lined up just right, it will move around until the soap solution dries a little. Only remove about a foot of the backing at the top while you get it in place. Spray some solution, remove another 2 feet, spray solution, remove 2 more feet, adjusting as you go down. It might help to have someone hold the top in place as you work your way down the glass. When all the bubbles are out, trim the side and bottom. If you put your fingers on it near the edges and push towards the edge, you’ll see it kind of stretch while the solution is still wet. Takes about an hour for it to dry completely. Here is a before and after pic of my shower door.

Easy option for a little privacy

 on January 7, 2017
By Corrin
I used this in our guest bath window and laundry window, both turned out great! The laundry window needed an extra 6 inch strip, which I was weary about, but I googled the method of overlapping and slicing and the seam is perfect. The “rocks” don’t line up perfectly if you’re staring at the seam but to an unknowing eye, it’s difficult to notice. I’ve attached pictures of both windows, can you see the seam? I used a shower squeegee, exacto knife, soapy water in a spray bottle and a straight edge ruler. Another hint is using tape to pull the film away from the plastic. Two pieces on one corner and then pull them away from each other. Happy tinting!

Works Great for Bedroom Windows!

 on February 27, 2017
By StiffWhisked
I bought two rolls to do two big windows in my bedroom. My bedroom windows face due south and look right into another apartment living room. For months, I didn’t open my curtains because I didn’t want to accidentally flash my neighbors. This film is high quality, thick and easy to cut and apply. I had no problems with the application. One window took me 30 minutes total (cutting and applying). It’s also so much prettier in person! It casts rainbows all over the room when the sun shines through. I’d totally buy this product again.

Great value item that offers privacy without sacrificing light!

 on December 18, 2017
By Joslin
Our house is positioned somewhat awkwardly in a neighborhood where several houses have direct view of our back and side yard, making it very easy to see into our home. Our kitchen is on the back of our house and faces the north, meaning it was already pretty dark. I wanted some privacy on our kitchen window but I didn’t want to sacrifice what little light we get in that window. I purchased this window film to give us the privacy we needed on our kitchen window without sacrificing the light. It was super easy to install and doesn’t make any sort of a sticky mess. I used Windex to clean the glass first and then spritzed a little to wet the glass for application of the film. I used a small spatula to get the bubbles out since I couldn’t find a squeegee. This allows the perfect amount of light in and keeps our neighbors eyes out of our house. The one thing you must be mindful of is how accurate you cut the film to fit your window. Overall this is a great value!

I am so happy with this

 on June 20, 2017
By WaterLily
I am so happy with this. It picks up colors from outside. Turned my neighbors Sanford and Son mess into shimmering spots of color, looks so nice, and in my bedroom too, there it picks up the trees and sky, and gives a sparkle. I will order it every season when I put the air conditioners in the windows for the top pane.

Practical and beautiful

 on January 12, 2018
By Sup
We just moved to 1st floor apartment at a corner with regular dog-walking traffic. We love the garden view but also want to have some privacy. This pebble style film works surprisingly well. It not only lets light in but provides privacy for day and night. The 78 inches provides just enough height to cover about two thirds of each window panel in height so that we only need to custom cut to fit the width. The light can shine through both the top of our window directly and “ambiguously” through the pebble. It looks magical when sun ray lands on the wall through the film. We subsequently order more to fit more windows. We were originally thought about buying hanging stain glasses to provide aesthetics look and privacy. This is much simpler to do and still provides quality. It is especially practical for apartment dwellers because it can be removed easily.

… a very large window in my classroom and I love it! I can see shadows of people passing

 on August 26, 2016
By Von E
I used this to cover a very large window in my classroom and I love it! I can see shadows of people passing, but they cannot see inside the class. The window faces an interior hallway, and students always want to peep or wave to friends—no more!

Excellent product, just follow install directions

 on April 14, 2018
By Charlie
I bought a pet door and needed to apply some sort of privacy screen to it so the neighbors couldn’t have a direct view into my house. I read the reviews and figured I’d give this a shot. It turned out to be a great product.

Totally worth it.

 on February 2, 2018
By K
I have covered a large window and a sliding glass door both facing a busy highway with this product, and plan to use it in other rooms as well. It allows tons of light while still offering privacy, applies in seconds and has lasted over a year without any sign of failure yet in the spot I first applied them. I have even peeled it off entirely and reapplied without any loss of beauty or functionality. Really adds a little something to rooms with a view you wouldn’t miss without sacrificing light. You can’t see anything through these, day or night, other than the glow of brightest light source on either side. I will be purchasing these again without a doubt.

You want privacy? Feel like somebody’s watching you?

 on August 15, 2017
Used almost 70,000 sq inches of this stuff to cover large windows exposed to a street in my live/work space. Then sat and stared at it for the next two days, and got nothing else done, because I was so satisfied with the completed project. Seriously. From outside, people can only see that my lights are on and that I have curtains hanging at night. Outlines of objects can be seen if they are literally placed right up against the film/glass, but as soon as they are moved about 1-3 inches back away from the film, everything becomes almost entirely invisible. Because I covered all the windows in my space, I cut custom patterns to include pieces that can be removed to create smaller “temporary windows.” Also made a “peephole” on the front door and little window near the floor for the cat to look outside. Pieces can be removed and put right back into place super easily if they are kept clean. Cool stuff! Highly recommend! Could even paint designs over the film to create a stained glass or deco look in the future – which I might consider.

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