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THE ORIGINAL AND STILL THE BEST TOOL TO PRESERVE YOUR FINISHED PUZZLE – Buffalo Games introduced Puzzle Presto! Peel & Stick Puzzle Preserver in 2007. The carefully formulated adhesive sheets make puzzle preserving quick and easy – eliminating the need to fuss with messy, ineffective glues and other inferior adhesive products.

EASY AS 1, 2, 3 – Simply peel, stick and save!

RIGOROUSLY TESTED FOR PEAK PERFORMANCE – At Buffalo Games, we take puzzles and puzzle accessories seriously. As a market leader in the puzzle industry, we take pride in ensuring that all Buffalo Games products are designed and engineered to the highest standards. Puzzle Presto stands up to all environments. The adhesive bond only strengthens over time.

PUZZLE PRESTO! PEEL & STICK PUZZLE PRESERVER CONTENTS – Includes 6 large 15 inch by 7.5 inch permanent self-adhesive sheets, 2 self-adhesive hangers for simple wall mounting and easy to follow directions.

FINISHED PUZZLE COVERAGE – Each package includes enough adhesive sheets to preserve any puzzle piece count up to a finished footprint of 29 inches by 21.5 inches

Customer Reviews

It works! (For the most part)

 on April 8, 2015
By Amy
I had never saved a puzzle before and this stuff seemed like a pretty good idea. It works pretty well too. The hardest part was flipping the puzzle over, the poster board we had just barley fit the size of the puzzle (1000 pieces) but a friend and myself got it to work. Then we just pealed and stuck the sheets to the board. Rolled over it with a rolling pin and was done. Took us maybe a whole 10 minutes. It says to let sit for a couple of hours for it to harden and adhere. I don’t think it really did much over the hours it sat. I took a picture to add to this review and I didn’t notice the bottom corner piece had fallen off. I found it on the floor and easily stuck it back on. Then another piece fell. Once again no big deal stuck it back on.

Great simple product to save your precious work!

 on April 10, 2017
By Unbox Review Time
I bought their 1000 piece puzzle 

Great, Easy To Use Product.

 on December 28, 2016
By P_J_P
I used this product for the first time. All went perfectly. Simply follow the directions. Roll over each piece as you install it, then roll again when application is finished. Let it sit with some heavy books or such on it for an hour or two.


 on February 8, 2018
By afostermom
My hilarious family members got me a 1000 piece puzzle of New Era Field. I got them back by ignoring all my household duties until I had the puzzle completed. I couldn’t bring myself to put all that hard work back into the box, so I got this product. It was very simple to use these. Flipping the puzzle over is the hardest part. It comes with little hangers but I took mine in to Hobby Lobby and had it mounted to a board and framed. Take that, practical joking present giving family members!

Like a dream come true – perfectly preserved puzzle within a couple minutes.

 on April 5, 2017
By A Mom who reads
Bought this for my 12-year-old daughter for a 500 piece puzzle we built. Like a dream come true, you can have a perfectly preserved puzzle within a couple minutes, no worries that all the hard work you put into the puzzle can be undone. Her’s was a 3D Visual Echo puzzle with hot air balloons, I hated to have her put glue anywhere around the textured surface because even it a little got on it the beautiful effect would be spoiled. She was able to simply peel and stick 3 pieces of this (half the package) to the back of her puzzle and now can frame it to hang on her wall. Still stunned at how quick and easy it was and ZERO mess, As a mom the no mess was my favorite part!!! Definitely worth buying should work for any puzzle. If it didn’t fit your puzzle it would be easy to cut some off or add more. I plan to buy more for the 1000 piece puzzle my 15-year-old is building. I don’t want any glue on her surfaces since she needs her colored pencils to work on them. Believe me, this kit beats glue any day!! VERY pleased and plan to order another right after I complete this review.

Clean, Quick & Easy – love the cut-to-fit feature!

 on January 23, 2014
I thought I would have to mess with glue or pasting something OVER the puzzle pieces – but with Peel & Stick all I did was flip the puzzle over – (would have helped to get instructions on the flipping aspect – hint, I slid it on a bread board then put a large cutting board on top and flipped it over so the backside was up) – then cut the peel & stick paper to measure and it stuck perfectly to hold the pieces in place…I had to cut a few pieces to get full coverage but it was easy – I think it even had grid lines to follow. I used a rolling pin to press down evenly then…done! Within 30 seconds I was able to lift the now one-piece puzzle by the top and carry it to a safe place for framing later – really appreciated that 1) it was easy and quick and 2) that I didn’t have to destroy the look of the puzzle pieces by spreading goop over them…yay!

Super easy way to preserve a special puzzle

 on May 30, 2017
By tegura
We spent so much time completing a 1000 piece puzzle recently, we wanted to frame it for our family fun room. This puzzle saver was super easy to use, and the puzzle now looks great on the wall! It doesn’t seem to matter how large your puzzle pieces are…ours were about 1″ on average, and completed puzzle was about 19X26. But if you have larger overall puzzle, the sections of adhesive paper will accommodate. For ours, we overlapped the adhesive paper to fit, and it was perfectly fine.

Easy, Peezy Puzzle Adhesive

 on November 28, 2017
This works! I was able to hold my puzzle up and even put it in a frame for a gift. The trick is to make sure you press down on every sheet when applying the adhesive. When turning the puzzle over – the best way is to put another cardboard piece on top of it, binder clip all four sides and then flip easily.

This works so much better than glue

 on January 27, 2018
By W. Henke
After using this product, my puzzle is ruined and I have to throw it away, but I’m giving this 5 stars…. here’s why. This works so much better than glue. Highly recommended. I finished and left it on the table to dry overnight and our cat threw up on the puzzle. Freakin ruined everything. Dang cat. Don’t blame the Peel and Stick though, our cat throws up frequently. Stupid cat.

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