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From the makers of UNO comes a rummy-type card game with a challenging and exciting twist! The object of the game is to be the first player to complete 10 varied phases with two sets of three, one run of seven, or seven cards with the same color. The twist is that each Phase to be completed is specific for each hand dealt. Players who complete one Phase advance to the next, but those who don't must keep trying until they do. Each deck features “Wild” and Skip” cards, which add excitement and can help you get out of a sticky situation. A “Wild” card can be used in place of a number card, as well as be used as any color to complete any phase, while a “Skip” card causes your opponent to lose a turn! Be the first person to complete all ten phases to win the game. Includes 108 cards and instructions. Colors and decorations may vary.

Customer Reviews

Great Fun!

 on September 25, 2016
By Monet Lady
I played this game for the first time when visiting my granddaughter, who is 10 years old. I was hooked on it after one game! I like that each round of play has a different objective. This keeps my interest very well. I must admit, though, I have a hard time remembering what phase is next, so I have to use the card that spells out the 10 phases! The game is easy to learn, and after a few hands you feel confident about strategies that are helpful. It’s also nice if a seasoned played helps you out for the first few hands so that you learn good strategies faster. It’s fun for all ages over 8 as suggested by the manufacturer. This is probably my favorite card game ever. Don’t hesitate to buy this. You are in for lots of fun.

UNO fans (and even non-fans) will love it

 on June 21, 2013
By sunshine
I love UNO, my husband hates it, but we both love Phase 10.

Fun for the whole family

 on October 12, 2016
By Tom F.
My family gets together and plays a lot of games. This is the one card game we all love to hate! We have played another rummy-style game called Shanghai forever where you save a different combination of runs and sets each hand. This is like that but with a twist. If you don’t lay down your cards in any given hand you are “left behind” and must repeat that hand while other players advance to the next. As a result, at times everyone is saving different things. It is fun but if you are stranded three hands behind everyone else it can be pretty frustrating. Over all, a fun game though and easy for kids and adults to play together.

Awesome game!

 on January 10, 2016
By Rachel G
I bought two sets one for me and one for a present. Came in on time and in great condition! Great card game for any occasion! It is confusing at first, but once you explain the rules and play the game, it is a fun game to play with kids or adults. A cool way to play if you’re an adult is to play with MONEY. Yes, money!

Great game, but a little complicated for kids

 on December 11, 2017
By crfz
Great game, but a little complicated for kids. Sort of a mix between Uno and Rummy, but there are lots of rules and different steps (hence the title, phase ten). My seven year old needs me to play with him. He is catching on, but still needs reminder for all the rules.

Excellent Family Card Game!

 on November 12, 2016
By Tiffany Bird
I love this game and so does everyone I play it with. It’s Rummy style, but with a twist. It is simple enough that younger kids can play, but challenging enough that the adults can get a kick out of it too. If you combine multiple decks and get a large group playing it can be super fun. It’s also a great two player game. It is not necessary to have more than two to make the game fun, which means it’s a great alternative to a netflix night with the spouse.

Fun, Fun, Fun

 on June 25, 2015
By Dunjudy
We just learned how to play this……and it’s AWESOME!!! This game is so much fun for our family on game night. I’m so glad we learned how to play. There are ten phases you have to get through in order to finish the game. Everyone in the group can be on different phases, the same phases, or a combination of phase levels, just trying to beat each other to the end. If you like card games you will definitely LOVE this one.

Lots of Fun

 on January 9, 2018
By Michelle Palmer
Similar to Uno, but much better in my opinion. For 2-6 players. The more players, the longer the game lasts. We normally play with six people and games last on average between 3-4 hours. I bought three and have brought them to friends during during get togethers.

Love this game

 on September 22, 2014
By P G
Love this game. My daughter brought it home one weekend along with a new boyfriend. Her Dad and I, and the two of them played this game and really enjoyed it! Her Dad is NOT a game lover and it is like pulling teeth to get him to play something. He has to play euchre with my family and only does it to please me. So, to have him play this game means it is a real good one! We have purchased 3 more and given them as gifts to friends and family. Hubby has even played the game with just me and enjoyed it. Friends have come over twice in the past month and each time we played, it was fun! Just wish that it had a “Reverse” card in the deck like UNO – that would make the game more fun I think.

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