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    A penny passport collection
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    Penny passport
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    Pressed Pennies Lot – Walt Disney Epcot Center – 2000 Celebration, Passport Mickey
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    The Squished Penny Museum
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    Chocolate calculator and the penny passport (quick review ep1)
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    Πέννυ Μπαλτατζή | Penny Baltatzi – ΣΕ ΜΑΓΙΚΑ ΝΗΣΙΑ | [email protected] 28/4/17
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    Graphic 45’s Little Women Passport Journal
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    Πέννυ Μπαλτατζή @ Passport Κεραμεικός 3 & 10 Νοεμβρίου – Roadtrip
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    Scary reminder why every entrepreneur needs a second passport
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    Πέννυ Μπαλτατζή @ Passport Κεραμεικός 3 & 10 Νοεμβρίου – Αναπνοή μου
Amazon Price: $4.88 $4.88 (as of March 29, 2017 2:21 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The Penny Passport® is a souvenir collecting book for elongated coins. Both adults and kids can enjoy collecting pressed pennies as there are thousands of machines located around the world that offer elongated coin creation. This album has 36 slots to fit elongated pennies as well as 8 larger slots designed to fit elongated quarters.

Customer Reviews


 on April 26, 2016
By Jordan
These little penny holders can be surprisingly difficult to find! I had a bag of souvenir pennies laying in a desk drawer and this is a great way to display them! It has 36 slots for pennies and I was excited to find that it even had 8 larger slots for smashed quarters!


 on March 13, 2016
By Marissa
I now have a great way to store my pennies! This passport is made of great quality — much better than what I was expecting, to be honest. I’ve uploaded some photos to show the spaces for each penny. This passport is trifold and has a hard, patent exterior. The interior spaces are open on the lateral edges to insert the pennies. There is also a panel for larger coins, like quarters. I haven’t seen any places that smash quarters for souvenirs, so I’ll be using this space to store normal quarters when I travel, just to have some in case there’s a penny smashing machine. I kind of wish this penny passport utilized that quarter panel for additional pennies instead (there are other penny passports on Amazon that do have all penny-sized spaces and no quarter spaces) but I honestly chose this one instead just because it looks better.


 on February 2, 2017
By M. Thomas
As a life-long coin collector, I have compiled quite the grouping of various flattened pennies from all over the world! I needed a way to organize them neatly and be able to show them off, rather than leaving them all together in a bag. This coin album was easy to work with, with plenty of room for even not-quite-perfect pennies, and I was able to remove and reposition coins with no issue whatsoever. I also loved the color and artwork on the book. I’ll definitely be getting another one when this one is full!

Squished pennies watch out

 on November 14, 2015
By Kyle Button
Every trip we go on, my kids are on the hunt for the best squished pennies. We started quite the collection. We have already filled this book and will be buying more. The price is better then if you buy them right from the same spot as the penny squishers. Sturdy, solid and holds many pennies.

Fill It Up!

 on February 21, 2017
By Happy in AZ
We have been traveling all over for years and had no where to properly store or display our many pressed pennies. This passport looks like an authentic passport but when you open it up, it has more than enough slots to hold your pennies from all over. They slide in easily but the plastic grips them so that none fall out.

Perfect for our pressed penny collection

 on November 27, 2017
By Amy
This is perfect for my son’s burgeoning pressed penny collection. It’s vastly superior to the shabby baggy that my childhood collection boasts. He loves to pull it out and look at the pennies and discuss where they came from. It’s plastic inside and out, which was what I expected especially for such an inexpensive price. The slots for quarters are nice, and pennies fit in them as well.


 on October 19, 2014
By Bailey
Yes, your search for the perfect penny passport is over. I got this as a gift for my brother who collects souvenir pennies. They fit in there good. Each coin hangs out of its casing a tad, but that is a good thing, because you are able to take them out to look at them.

Great storage for squished coins

 on February 5, 2017
By Marjorie L.
You know you’re addicted to penny and quarter squishing when you’ve filled at least one of these. This is like an old school photo album for coins. You slip in the coin and the small plastic sleeve holds it in. The quarters somewhat better than the pennies, depending on how the flat or curved the coin was squished. It’s useful.

Great elongated penny holder

 on May 27, 2017
By sandra
Great organizer for elongated pennys. I bought them for all of our grandsons. Plastic, but for a young person they are just fine. Makes a nice inexpensive gift that will bring years of enjoyment just filling them. They is a website that tells the States where you can make the pennys.

Great organizer and keepsake

 on March 6, 2018
Adorable keepsake for all your little travel pennies. My son and I have been collecting pennies from different adventures we have been on and it keeps all her memories and prevents our pennies from getting lost. I would recommend this product to keep your pennies organized.

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