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Baby-Safe Night Light The safest ABS and PP materials contain no harmful substances and make for a night light that’s 100% safe for your toddler to play, cuddle, and grow with! Even the LED filters blue light so you and your child can use it securely for longer without straining your eyes. Must-Have Extra Features Emitting a soft, dim glow the built-in night light mode allows you to discreetly check on your baby or breastfeed without waking up your husband. A double tap on the logo sets a 1.5 hour timer that comforts your toddler to sleep and turns the lamp off automatically afterwards. Convenient Charging Base Don’t worry about recharging the VAVA Night Light, all your kids need to do is place it on the anti-slid charging base and voila. If you’re taking the lamp with you, simply connect the Micro-USB cable directly to charge when out of the house. Customizable Light An improved, rechargeable battery provides up to 200 hours of dimmed illumination, or 6 hours at the brightest settings. For outdoor usage there’s a Portable Mode that boosts the brightness by 30% and disables touch control to prevent accidental manipulation. Indoor & Outdoor Usage Who knows where you’ll need a light! The IP65 build is waterproof so the baby night light can double as a bright lantern when camping, trekking, or hiking with family. One button away is a SOS mode in case you or your children need to communicate your position. What's In The Box: 1 x VAVA Baby Night Light (Model: VA-CL006) 1 x Charging Base 1 x USB Charging Cable 1 x Carabiner1 x User Guide.

Customer Reviews

Amazing price for quality, easy-to-use, chic product

 on March 2, 2018
By MissTexas
Absolutely LOVE this light! It could easily pass for an Apple product bc it’s so innovative and chic and easy to use. I love how it can toggle between a soft yellow light or an LED white light. And I like how you can just tap it to go from bright to dim. No buttons or switches to fumble around for in the dark. And no batteries (it’s rechargeable) or cords so you can carry it from room to room as needed. I use it out in the living room on the back of the couch at night when my newborn twins are sleeping on their boppy pillows or in our bedroom late at night to tend to them in their bassinets so I don’t wake my husband up. I also take it into the nursery and set it on the changing table late at night so I don’t wake the babies up too much. I can’t speak highly enough about this light! Very high quality—they could easily sell this thing for $45-50 bc it’s really that nice. In a world of cheaply made crappy stuff it’s refreshing.

Great little light but that LED light is annoying!

 on February 19, 2018
By cosne
A great little night light. I love that there is a more orange less blue light option in addition to a dimmer. The size is perfect, it is light and it charges very easily.

Highly recommended aside from one flaw

 on February 22, 2018
By B. Ferrell
My wife and I have been using this night light in our room so that we can see our now 3 1/2 month baby for feedings and changings in the night. The light is easy to adjust and the soft, low-light setting is perfect for this. It’s not so bright that it disturbs our sleep or the baby’s and it’s bright enough to be able to see by once your eyes adjust. While we haven’t really used the bright setting, it’s bright enough to light up our rather large master bedroom pretty thoroughly. My only complaint is the USB cord. I’m really not sure what the manufacturers were thinking in regard to this – are people going to plug into their computer? It really just ends up using another spot on our power strips where we might otherwise be able to plug-in a cell phone, fitness watch or Kindle for charging. I ended up purchasing a powerstrip/block thing with 3 regular outlets and 3 USB connections to accommodate this particular inconvenience. Aside from this, I highly recommend this light.

Awesome Night Light that is adjustable to dim or lighten by touch

 on January 25, 2018
By Lila Rawlings
This night light works perfect for my child’s room. My child is able to have it by their bed at night and read before they fall asleep and then adjust the light by touch to lower the light to use for a night light. It is easy to charge and use. I like that it has a docking station and also an option to hang above the head. It would be perfect for camping and overnight stays too. My child loved also that it came with stickers that you can make faces on the night light. It is a lot of fun and a way to be creative.

Baby/Kids Night Light

 on January 19, 2018
By Katelyn
I loved this light it’s great to turn on in the middle of light so you don’t trip if you need to get up and get up or do something. It’s a soft cool light not to bright so you can fall asleep when it’s on if you need a little light to sleep. I didn’t have any dislikes about this product it was great all around, I would recommend this to anyone.

Absolutely love this little night light

 on February 19, 2018
By Devin
Absolutely love this little night light! It took me forever to pick one because I had so many favorites but ultimately, my choice was this one! I love that it not only is touch activated, but it also has 3 different light settings, all of which you can choose your brightness level for! It came with a little wireless charging dock! I didn’t even know that was included! It’s just this cute little white disk that the lamp sits on to charge! Very cool! Everything came neatly packaged and in new condition! Shipping was SO fast! I’m so excited to use this a little more and have more to come back and share with y’all! Pictures soon to come! A++++

This night light is wonderful for 2 reasons

 on March 28, 2018
By Randy N
I searched everywhere for a decent nightlight for my nursery. I have a wall clock that I needed to see what time I was feeding my baby & couldn’t get a bright enough night light to see. I also wanted to be able to see how much of the bottle the baby had drank when putting him to bed each night. This night light is wonderful for 2 reasons. The fact that the lighting is adjustable is a genius idea. The 2nd reason is it wonderful is that it is mobile. I could bring this to his crib for tough zipper situations with sleeping sacks when putting to bed or use in middle of the night to lay next to the changing pad next to his feet while I changed him. It was perfect to see & not shine into his eyes all at once. For $20 you cannot beat all the perks of this night light.

Just BUY it!

 on May 14, 2018
By Staci Behpour
My husband was so mad that I spent so much on a nightlight BUT there are so many things to love about this. My LO had bad reflux. He didn’t sleep hardly at all for the first 3W we brought him home. He also cluster fed so much because of it, and his days and nights were mixed up.

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