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Customer Reviews

No need to Nerf this

1,212 people found this helpful.
 on May 14, 2014
By GreySpear
I am not ashamed to say that I got two of these so my wife and I can have mini Nerf wars in the house.

The ultimate answer for kitty obedience.

608 people found this helpful.
 on May 7, 2015
By Mackenzie Johnston
My cat is a furry little douchebag. Honestly thinks he runs the place. Always walking around on the kitchen counters, dipping his dirty paws in whatever dish or drink he sees fit and leaving a snail-trail of hair wherever he walks. We tried yelling at him, waterspray bottles, other various loud noises, giving him treats when he actually gets off the counters at his own leisure (my wife’s dumb idea). Nothing seemed to work.

Aptly named to perfection…

273 people found this helpful.
 on December 29, 2012
By A. Amat

Office Morale Purchase

164 people found this helpful.
 on November 7, 2013
By EcoSysNYC
Just bought five of these for the office that arrived today. Take over ensued. We’re out of ammo. Send back-up.

Christmas Favorite

20 people found this helpful.
 on December 27, 2015
By Jennifer
Of all the toys my kids received on Christmas, this is the one they keep going back to. They’ve set up their action figures as targets and shoot each other from behind furniture. *The darts do hurt if they hit you. Excellent, cheap fun. We try to account for all of the darts before putting them away, but I will probably be finding darts in random places for the next year.

Widely acclaimed, affordable Nerf blaster; now with an OMW upgrade kit available at their website.

57 people found this helpful.
 on December 5, 2014
By Mark Masaki
Seriously, this is cool to have in any Nerf Arsenal. The reiteration of the legendary pistol blaster, the Nerf Maverick. Behold, the almighty Strongarm. The blaster that helped make “slam-fire” a popular Springer’s function today (For slam-fire just hold the trigger down, then pull the slide repeatedly to fire shots in rapid succession). But does it measure up to other comparable blasters in my Chronograph testing? According to the dart velocities measured in FPS (feet per second) with my ProChrono Digital chronograph, it clocked in at highest 75 FPS, and lowest 62 FPS after 6 shots. Compared to it’s “sister”-blaster model, the Nerf Rebelle Spylight scored it’s highest at 80 FPS, and lowest at 66 FPS. These numbers were consistent after testing several different Strongarms and a few Spylights several times each. But being slightly weaker than a girl’s blaster does not take away much from the blaster, for it is not as sloppy and feels more durable than it’s sister operation. Most will prefer the appeal of the macho look and size that it offers anyway. As an update, there is this white and blue XD version (that is a blue stripe on a white Strongarm, as opposed to the blue Strongarm with a white stripe) with longer advertised distances. My blue one still performed better on the chronograph using the current wide variety of Nerf Elite darts (they are all able to shoot the blue, green, decorated Rebelle, white, and now orange darts), but the average was not that far off: Averaged velocity of standard Elite- 69 FPS, Averaged velocity of XD- 67 FPS. It is suspected that each blaster has it’s own unique quirks, perhaps I just got a lemon XD blaster, but regardless of the circumstances what you are really paying for is the psychological advantage and a crummy paint job (my XD looks cheap and painted by either a novice, or someone in a rush to finish the job). If you are using this as a primary, you are out of luck. There are many other improved versions of the Strongarm on the market today. The first two evolutions of it being the Zombistrike FlipFury (two times bigger with 2-barrel/12 darts) and the Zombiestrike Doominator (four times bigger with 4-barrel/ 24 darts). Otherwise, remember this to be a sidearm. A primary like the Retaliator or Stryfe have the CS (Clip System, which is really a magazine system or “Clipazines”) that gives you upwards from 18-round mags to 35-dart drums, all easier to reload when playing and quicker on the fly under pressure. But I digress; buy whatever you feel comfortable with and use what you can afford. The Strongarm has always been a reliable blaster, and can be even stronger with help from an Orange Mod Works “Unleased Solid, Final Stage” upgrade kit at the current market price of $24.99. I know, twice the cost and the shipping, and then the labor of installation, that makes it very not worth the cost of the blaster. But it becomes a beast, so think about that before you buy a Strongarm sidearm.

Really fun toy for both kids and adults.

8 people found this helpful.
 on December 2, 2015
This toy is so much fun for adults and kids (preferably ages 8+ as stated due to strength needed to pull cocking lever by hand). The shooting is fairly straight and you can aim at ten to twenty feet without any problems. The manufacture is quite sturdy and allows for some rough use. make sure to buy some extra bullets as six will likely not be enough. Excellent fun!


7 people found this helpful.
 on November 27, 2015
By Michelle R. Evans
We have 3 grandchildren , 4yr. old twin boy and girl and 6 yr.old boy. We thought a bIt of payback to their father, our eldest son would be fun. Due to a shipping mistake on our part, we received the wrong gun for the youngest boy. This has proved to be a blessing!! We reordered the Strongarm 6 shooter for the youngest boy but decided to keep the 3 shooter pistol …..for their Daddy….he is out numbered and has a single shot to their 6 !! Grandparents have soooo much fun!

Nerf engineering at its finest!

62 people found this helpful.
 on January 22, 2013
Nerf does it again! I’m in nerf heaven! Slamfire on a revolver is amazing. With a simple barrel AR/Peg removal using wirecutters, this gun can hold ALL types of nerf darts. I should add, removing the AR in the elite line of guns is mostly pointless… It’s been shown that elite guns already push the max limits and removing the AR doesn’t really add anything to any of the elite models thus far, and this is true of this gun as well. 75ft is already pretty impressive. But removing the peg allows the streamline darts to fit allowing this gun to shoot every type of dart.


16 people found this helpful.
 on December 17, 2014
By John Galt
It has been ages since I have used a Nerf product- mostly footballs. After some amazing sales this Black Friday, I jumped on a few of these Nerf blasters and I’m glad I did. I have purchased four different blasters, so I hope I can give some insight on the operations, accuracy, and fun factor.

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