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    OK to Wake Alarm Clock & Night-Light
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This bedside alarm clock features fun animations that give it personality! The convenient nap timer and dual night light that glows green to tell children it’s OK to get out of bed make this alarm clock a must-have for families with young children! Includes two fun, interchangeable faceplates: pink flower and green bug. USB cord with battery backup (4 AA, not included). Wall adaper not included. Approximately 4.5".

Customer Reviews

Packed full of features! Battery life added to review!

 on March 10, 2015
By Cj
I was so hesitant to buy this because of the negative reviews (and the price)- but I’m really REALLY glad I did get it. So how it works is, you can set the time, and can also set the time of the morning that you’d like it to turn green (indicating to your child that it’s now OK to get up). This feature can be used, or not. You can also decide how LONG you want it to stay green (mine is set to an hour) but you can shut the green light off when your child gets up by tapping the foot. There is also an alarm feature, which we don’t use but I tested. The alarm is perfect for a toddler, nothing to loud or startling. At night you can press the foot and put on the orange night light, that feature has 3 levels of dimness, and can also be set to stay on for a certain amount of time (mine is set also to an hour, on the most dim setting). So my son loves a dark room and his windows are pretty much blacked out lol but he has taken a liking to his orange light being on as he’s falling asleep at night. It’s good that it shuts off, because he likes it dark if he wakes up. I do believe the light has the ability to stay on all night but I don’t remember 100%. When the green light comes on (at 8am in our house!) there is a cute smile face that comes on the screen. The whole thing is really cute looking actually! All the buttons to set the time and everything are in the back, large enough to understand and see well. It’s really easy to set up, I can’t imagine anyone having trouble with it. There is also a nap feature that you can set, so if your child is going to nap you can set the green light to go on in an hour or two, etc. The alarm can be used with the green light, if you so choose.

Miracle… it’s a damn miracle item

 on November 18, 2017
By KerriSC
I don’t know what kind of kid magic some wizard spoke over these little guys but this thing has absolutely changed my sons sleeping for the better. My son will soon be 3 and coincidentally, it has been about three years since I’ve had a good nights sleep. He has always had sleep problems. He needed us to sleep with him at night, he’s wake up crying and we’d have to go back in, he’d hate to go to sleep and then he’d wake up at 6am…it’s been hard. We’ve had “bedtime buddy” for about a week now, and the change is nothing short of miraculous. First, naptime got easier…. I was able to put him down for a nap and NOT lay down with him! “See you when your light is green”…., “ok, love you mommy”

Saved me from my early riser! Life changing!

 on December 29, 2014
By Julia R
This product has saved my life. My daughter (22 months) has been a terrible sleeper since birth. First I could never put her down (so I slept sitting up), then when I finally got her in a crib, she would wake up multiple times a night. Even when she started sleeping more steadily, she would wake up at 4AM. Everyday. Sometimes earlier. And she wouldn’t just wake up and chill by herself – she would immediately start crying, wanting me to come get her. I would cry out of exhaustion. I looked up ideas online to get her to stay in her crib for longer, and I found this! Thank GOD. I’m not even joking, it took her about a week to understand what the light meant, and now she stays asleep until 5:30, when I have the light set for. She usually wakes up earlier than that, but I watch her on the monitor, and she just peeks over at the clock, sees its not lit, and lies back down again. And when it does light up, she just stands there, calmly waiting for me to come get her. AMAZING. This is literally groundbreaking for us. I figured someone else might be able to relate to my story, and invest in this amazing product too. You won’t be sorry.

Holds supreme power over our childs life.

 on January 26, 2017
By J. Harem
This little alarm clock is a great investment to corral your kids into staying in their bed until a certain time in the morning. Little bastards learn to obey the light god!

Small issue

 on December 12, 2017
By ecurtis907
Works great. The kids understood not to wake mom up until the green light went on. They found ways to entertain themselves until the light came on.

Cured pre-dawn waking

 on April 11, 2017
By Amy
Possibly the best $25 I ever spent. Purchased for my 2.5-year-old after weeks of her waking at ~4:30am ready to start the day. We put this in her room, set it to turn green at 7am, and she has slept until 7am almost every day since then. She’s not a great sleeper or an easy-going kid in general, but this is what worked for us:

Game changer, we love it!

 on November 3, 2017
By Allana D
This worked great for our 20 month old, who had started waking up super early once we eliminated her early morning nurse. Often she’d wake up as early as 5:30am (when she used to nurse), and while we’d go in to comfort her and tell her it was still time for sleep, she’d fight falling back asleep, and we’d finally get her up around 6. Once we got this clock, we integrated it into our routine by setting the initial “ok to wake” time at 6am at first, then making a big deal about the green light when we finally went in to get her up. “Yay, green light, time to get out of bed!” stuff like that, so she’d make the association between the green light and getting out of bed. Eventually, we’d hear her wake up, but she’d chat to herself quietly until 6, then call for us when the light went on. Once that happened, we knew she understood the clock, and we gradually started pushing the “ok to wake” time later by 10-15 minutes every week or so. At some point, we realized that she was quietly waiting long enough that she’d fall back asleep, and wouldn’t wake up til 7 or later, even though the light would go on earlier (it’s not bright enough to wake her if she’s asleep when it turns on). Once we pushed the “ok to wake” time all the way back to 7, we chose to leave it there since that seemed to work well for our family’s schedule. Sometimes she calls us right at 7, other times she sleeps til 7:30 or later. Either way, she rests and we get to sleep til 7am, which makes for a much happier family. I forgot to take it on a trip recently and she started calling us earlier and earlier, so I know the clock really does make a difference, and plan to take it with us from now on. Hooray for this clock, and hope it works for you!

Game Changer!!

 on January 16, 2018
By K. Burkholder
Almost 1 year with the Ok to Wake clock!

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