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Keep Children Entertained With These Cute Soft Animal Finger Puppets!

These lovely and beautifully handmade puppets have very life-like faces that are sure to keep any child, or even adult, entertained for endless hours. Makes a great gift for any parent or child.

Package includes: 1 set of 6 finger puppets. Each finger puppet measures 2" inches tall and arms spread out to be 3" inches wide.

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Customer Reviews

Adorable finger puppets

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 on March 4, 2016
By Stacey
These finger puppets are great. My daughter had been begging for a family of finger puppets when I came across these. They have an elastic band at the bottom of each one that really helps them stay on the fingers and not fall off. The elastic isnt too tight though so it doesn’t cut off circulation. They are sewed up very nicely and haven’t fell apart or frayed from weeks of use. They are really cute and big enough for the parents to use and play with with their kids but small enough for a 4 year olds fingers. They are colorful kid friendly. The inside also has an inner cloth apart from the actual puppet which makes them ever more comfortable to use and more durable to play time. It comes with a mom, dad, brother, sister, grandma and grandpa. I’m really glad I purchased this item and will be looking for more similar to this.

Happy Granddaughter 😀

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 on January 31, 2016
By bonnie
Although these very cute and with the money I paid, being a seamstress myself I think the stitching could be a lot better. ..and most of the “Finger Families” on video that my granddaughter listens to and sings with have a daddy, mommy, brother, sister, and baby. ..this one has grandparents but no baby. …she still loves them but to make it work, we use grand parents as mommy and daddy. ..ha ha ha

Great quality. Fits little fingers and big fingers.

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 on December 26, 2016
By Freesi
Great price a high-quality item, my daughter loves singing the finger family song. This was a great surprise for her really great present for such a small price. I like that they have like a rubber band to hold your finger to hold the puppet in place. My daughter is 2 1/2 years old and the puppets stay in place on her fingers and on my fingers too.


 on June 26, 2017
By Travis M.
These puppets are pretty cute and they seem to be well-made. I use them for teaching ESL online. My main critique is that they very easily fall off your fingers, as another reviewer commented. Also, my students think that the mother looks like a boy, which creates confusion for a student who is just learning English. :/ Overall, I am still fairly happy with them.

They should be easy for the toddler to put them on herself

 on March 8, 2017
By Mike A.
Purchased for child who sings the Finger Family song all day long. I must say some of these were difficult to put on her little toddler fingers. They should be easy for the toddler to put them on herself. Still, even though they are not on her fingers she holds them up and sings the song… end result is the same: happy child.

Great for teaching family vocab

 on May 20, 2017
By Felicia Darrow
I use these all the time for my classes. My cat loves them and steals them from me so they have a little wear and tear unfortunately. But, for the price they are definitely worth the buy. Great for teaching family vocab.


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 on September 9, 2016
By Chantilly Mommy
I purchased these finger puppets as a reward incentive while potty training my daughter. They are absolutely adorable and great quality! My only problem is that the holes you put your fingers in are way too small for me and just fit on my two year old’s fingers.

Great fabric quality and production quality

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 on December 21, 2015
By Kindle Customer
Exactly as pictured! Great fabric quality and production quality. They are lined with a silky fabric on the inside and there is a band of elastic at the bottom to keep it on your finger. I’m really surprised by the quality.

Very Good

 on April 22, 2017
By Chakhmakhchyan Elen
They are so cute. Stitched very good. Very good quality.

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