• default - Melissa & Doug Solar System Floor Puzzle (48 pcs, 2 x 3 feet)
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  • default - Melissa & Doug Solar System Floor Puzzle (48 pcs, 2 x 3 feet)
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  • default - Melissa & Doug Solar System Floor Puzzle (48 pcs, 2 x 3 feet)
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  • default - Melissa & Doug Solar System Floor Puzzle (48 pcs, 2 x 3 feet)
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You'll need lots of "space" to assemble this beautifully illustrated 48-piece puzzle of our solar system. Extra-thick pieces are built to last, and their "Easy-Clean" surface will keep your puzzle looking new.

Customer Reviews

Great learning puzzle!!

 on October 15, 2015
What a nice way to teach a toddler about solar system!!! My 2 1/2 year old daughter always wants to learn new things and when I gifted her this Melissa and Doug Solar System puzzle she was so happy. She leant about the planets in a few days .It has such a magic that she used to arrange this puzzle quite a few times daily . She still does it now. The pieces are so sturdy and colorful, no worries of wooden flakes comming out or wooden dust like as playing with some wooden puzzles.The pieces are cut in such a way that cute little hands can easily put it together.All the planets are named beautifully on them and each part is linked in such a way that after a few tries your little one can easily arrange this.

The best and easiest way to teach a child the vastness of solar system !!!

 on June 2, 2016
I always chose for the best but easiest way to teach my kiddo any complicate thing e.g. Solar system. I chose none but Melissa and Doug for this as I have complete faith on them. How is a puzzle can teach a child the huge solar system is unbelievable and Melissa and Doug has done it superbly. This puzzle is a floor puzzle and takes a big space which is one minute negative point but for such a big solar system it’s worth it. The puzzle pieces are sturdy enough and does not tear easily so good for a child. Each piece is interlinked in such a way that after you start assembling the pieces buy each planet it becomes so easy to make it complete. The picture is very bright and vibrant. Each planet and sun also has name on it. So it’s easier to recognize and learn about each planet. My kiddo learnt the solar system through this puzzle within two days. She loves to do this puzzle quite often and I highly recommend it.

Great toy

 on December 31, 2015
By Kim
this is just great for 2 year olds. i bought it for my 2 year old’s birthday, and it’s still the first thing she goes to whenever we come home. so far she’s learned a couple of the names, and asks about the others so she’ll remember those before long too. so far she’s gotten the idea of rotating pieces to make them fit, and is beginning to understanding about finding the right place for each piece too. the design is appealing, size is just right for the age group, the piece are strong enough to resist being stood on over carpet (though they’re made of thick, good quality cardboard, not ply, so there’d be a limit to that), and it’s also scientifically accurate within a certain degree of artistic license, planets are basically the right colour and comparative size. it’s also good that includes some moons, asteroids, nebulae, and a galaxy, promoting further inquisitiveness. l

Great first "BIG" puzzle for young kids!

 on August 4, 2017
By Elizabeth
My 4 year old loves this puzzle! He was ready to step up from his basic 8 piece puzzle and I was afraid this would be a little much for him, but I’ve actually found that it’s perfect!

Great Puzzle for 5 year old

 on January 6, 2016
By jsinca
We love the Melissa and Doug floor puzzles. My son (5) puts them together fairly easily but is still challenged. We don’t have to help him, which is nice. It’s a good size & can be done on a dining room table as well as the floor.

A good first “real” puzzle for toddlers

 on February 11, 2018
By Beth
Our son is 2 years and 9 months old and has loved this puzzle since we got it for him two months ago. We helped him learn how to put a jigsaw puzzle together, of course, since this was his first real puzzle. Now he understands how to match the colors and shapes together and can (usually) press the pieces in on his own because they’re big easy shapes and sturdy. He’s been able to carry the same concept to other toys like his train tracks that link together. I’ve been able to explain that they go together “like the puzzle” and it makes more sense to him. I think this is a really good starter toy for toddlers that can lead to more advanced concepts in the next age group of toys.

Love it!!

 on September 1, 2016
By Linda Aria Evangelin
My son who just turned 3 loves solar system and so we gifted this puzzle for his 3rd birthday. Within 2 weeks he started doing the puzzle all by himself. Quality is sturdy and size of the each piece is pretty big so that is good for small hands. One concern is there is no Pluto since it is no more a planet. My kid loves it and plays with it almost every day.

Great for kids 3.5 and above who love space

 on June 26, 2017
By jml
My 3 yr old just got into puzzles and loves space, this was a no brainer. He is able to do this one ny himself, which kind of blows me away because when i first saw it i thought it was too big and maube too difficult. I think kids 3.5 to at least 6 should find this challenging. It’s a beautiful, well made puzzle. We also bought another wooden melissa and doug space shuttle puzzle found on amazon and it is equally as pretty, just much much smaller.

The kit is very sturdy and the pieces are made of a very thick …

 on September 5, 2017
By Amazon Customer
Our kiddo is on the Autism spectrum, and is VERY particular about his puzzles. That being said, he ADORES his Melissa and Doug kits!! They have enough pieces to keep him interested, and they are big enough to keep him engaged. The kit is very sturdy and the pieces are made of a very thick cardboard.

Great teaching tool

 on May 7, 2017
By Mamawolf
Great for teaching little ones about our solar system, and it’s very attractive, too! My 2 year old grandbaby famously started puzzles with me and then scampered off to something else, until this one: she was SO excited to talk about it and loved searching for pieces of the Sun 🙂

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