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Kids love to cut with scissors—as you can see by the trail of scraps often left in their wake! This creative and practical activity pad gives an engaging, creative direction to scissor work, meaning more concentration and less mess. Organized from simple to more complex, 20 different paper cutting projects (with complete supplies included right in the pages of the book) practice slightly different skills and techniques, and produce 20 unique crafts, games, and activities to offer kids a creative focus and a sense of accomplishment. Plastic safety scissors are included, which naturally encourage proper form and are safe for preschoolers—but any pair of scissors can be used to complete the paper-cutting projects.

Customer Reviews

Great book!

 on November 5, 2016
By Jennifer DiCamillo
Bought this for my 3 year old granddaughter who is just learning how to use her scissors.

Five Stars

 on November 16, 2016
By Viswanath
absolutely good for 4+. My daughter loves to do this!! she is 4 and half years old. Attached my daughter’s work of cutting and pasting

All-In-One Resource Is a Hit With 3-1/2 Year Old

 on December 4, 2014
By Mom2Two
I am using this with my 3-1/2 year old son to teach him scissor skills. It came with orange plastic child-safe scissors, which we didn’t need but I appreciate anything “extra” included when purchasing teaching items or toys. The book includes 20 full-color removable pages with different pictures and cutting lessons on each page. The lessons range in difficulty from straight lines to circles and more intricate shapes. I was impressed with the color and print quality of these pages, and the dotted lines are obvious enough to help provide direction for cutting.

Great workbook, but don’t bother with the scissors

 on November 17, 2016
By Tiffany Doyle
I bought this for my 4 year old to practice her scissor skills. At first it seemed like a great workbook. The pictures are adorable & I loved how quite a few of them are activities after you cut the page (some are puzzles, the pumpkin has triangles & a mouth you can cut out to make a jack o lantern).

We love it!

 on June 16, 2015
By Cortney
I was bummed when I opened this and saw that the scissors didn’t even have a metal edge… and then I USED THEM on the paper and was pleasantly surprised at how well they cut! We have a set of regular pre-K scissors that do have a metal edge and these are definitely easier to use with this workbook. I love how colorful and modern the pages are! What we like to do is have my daughter cut everything out, and then I give her construction paper and a glue stick and have her put it all back together how ever she wants to. REALLY great scissor skills book!

Well Done Early Scissors Skills Activity Book

 on February 24, 2017
By Andy
I think this is a super cute activity book. I got this knowing that for my kiddo, I was going to be having to do hand over hand for pretty much all of it because of where he’s at developmentally. What I think is cool about this is that the items cut from the pages can be turned into other things once they are cut out, like matching games or puzzles. I have seen other cutting activity books when my daughter was younger that didn’t have that kind of double use. The plastic scissors included with our set also do cut paper well, which isn’t always the case with the plastic ones. For us, having these come with a plastic set of scissors was a real selling point, because of the nature of our son’s disabilities it’s not really safe to work with him on these skills using a metal pair. I also think the pages in the book do a good job of progressing in terms of cutting difficulty. However, for kiddos who have more difficulties with fine motor, this book alone isn’t going to be enough practice for each type of line to be cut to progress to one page after another in this. In our household with our little man, this is going to be a skill that is going to take much more time to progress, and this certainly isn’t something he enjoys doing or using because it feels so difficult for him. So I’ve based my review on how useful or enjoyable I think this item would be to a more typically developing child.

Great book for learning to cut, Scissors not so good.

 on March 2, 2016
By J
My daughters teacher needed my child to practice her cutting, I saw this and thought it might encourage her and make learning to cut fun.

Useful set for learning to use scissors.

 on April 18, 2016
By Hypatia
I purchased this set for my 3 year old. She had recently become very interested in scissors and cutting, but obviously due to her age I was worried about her having access to scissors. These scissors are a great idea for small children learning to cut. The plastic blades are made to cut through paper, but aren’t sharp enough to cut hair or fabric. The book itself has lots of interesting designs to cut, but many were a little challenging for her as she’s just learning to cut and making a lot of turns was difficult. She did enjoy just cutting paper and making a mess. I would have liked it the designs that were cut had a purpose. I think having a background to glue them to would have made this even better. I actually included glue sticks for her to glue her cut outs to another paper. As an art teacher myself, I can tell you that teachers really appreciate kids having good scissor skills, so I think overall this is a great set for a preschooler. The scissors would also be great to re-purpose as a clay or playdough toy.

But how can I order the scissor skills book by itself?

 on May 6, 2017
We have loved the scissor skills book for our 3-yr-old. It has fun, appealing projects, and card games to cut out. It has been exciting to watch her grow in her fine motor skills with this book, and she is motivated to pick out projects which grow more difficult throughout the book. We did switch to better scissors with supervision, though it’s nice to have the plastic pair that I can leave within her reach without worry. It does work on paper and not on other items.

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