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Creating a product as terrifyingly realistic as I Can't Believe It's Not Real Blood isn't easy. First, we take real blood (from a vampire in our milking dungeon, of course). Then we start dehydrating and rehydrating it, mixing elements, and adding dyes and pastes until we have a high-quality, completely fake blood. This blood is silicone-based, which means it drips, splatters, and dries better than its syrup-based competitors. It can be used for just about whatever gory misfortune you can come up with and is also good at faking horrific crime scenes. However, this fake blood can stain clothes (especially if allowed to set in light colors) and other surfaces. We suggest testing it on a small area before use. For easiest removable from skin, apply a thin layer of Vaseline or lotion before use, otherwise wash with soap and water. I Can't Believe It's Not Real Blood is neither delicious nor nutritious, so don't try to drink it. Undoubtedly it is best for making loved ones think you fell down the stairs they are always telling you to stop running on. Lol.

Customer Reviews

Excellent multi use fx blood

 on July 13, 2016
By redsonja1313
Great product, mix a little black and coffee grounds in and let it sit for 24 hrs and it ages up nicely too. I used it war battle up a Game of Thrones Cosplay. great on clothes and face.

Worked great for me. More detail in review.

 on November 28, 2015
By Y
Very realistic. When wet it looks like real wet blood & when dry it looks like real dry blood. If you’re looking for something that dries with a wet look this is not it.

Best Stage Blood I’ve seen in a LONG time!

 on June 4, 2018
By Jay Barron
This is some of the best stage blood I’ve ever used, and, believe me, over the last 45 years I’ve tried a LOT! It looks like fresh blood, as in, as red as fresh blood. It has the perfect thickness and even drips like real blood. Hell, it even dries like real blood, although it doesn’t turn brown like real blood does. (If this sounds a little ghoulish, I’ve been doing theatrical make-up and making blood props for a very long time.) And you get a hell of a lot for the price!

Professional Film Grade (Looks Great on Camera)

 on October 4, 2016
By GUDYcinema
Used this blood for my indie short film and it came out really well on camera. I lathered it up all over the table, on a slab of meat, and all over my actress’s face and hands, and squirted it on her face in one of the shots.

Best Fake Blood for Any Project

 on October 3, 2016
By Dakota Bacon
I was definitely in a toss-up scenario with this product. I was looking for various fake bloods that would go along with the “Monster Liquid Latex” I bought for a YouTube horror skit/short film that we are creating in prep for Halloween later this month. Anyway, after looking for various bloods and finding many around the same price, I stumbled upon this one and I was still unsure about which one should be the one to try and use for our video. However, after reading the various reviews and seeing some of the photos shared from other consumers, I decided that this was the one to try and I am very happy that this was the product that I choose.

Perfect for that fake murder scene look

 on June 17, 2017
Want to traumatize the kids or throw the police off your trail? If so, this is the perfect fake blood for you. Only complaint is it stains the skin… but if you’re faking your death, you’ll likely have plenty of time to lay low in that shady Motel and wash your hands.

As close to the real deal as you can get.

 on November 1, 2017
By D
Great accent to our halloween decorations. Same crimson color and consistency as blood. Even dries like the real thing.

I highly recommend for any of your bloody needs

 on December 26, 2016
By Wonderboy808
A little fake blood goes a long way. I used it to zombify a costume and barely used 1/8th of the bottle. It appears as vibrant fresh blood. I wanted a more deoxygenated/cauterized look, mixing with cocoa powder did the trick. Although it did slightly stain my skin for a day it eventually comes out with repeated washing. I highly recommend for any of your bloody needs.

Great product. It does feel and look like real …

 on November 3, 2016
By Amazon Customer
Great product. It does feel and look like real blood. I used this on windows and mirrors for a halloween party. I wanted to put it on my white walls walls, but it stained my hands for ~4 hand washes when I used bare hands to apply the blood to my windows, so I decided not to put it on the walls for fear of staining. I should not that I didn’t test it though, so it may be OK. A few drops landed on some un-sealed wood. I was able to wipe it up with no residue behind, which was great. A little of this goes a long way! I definitely recommend this.

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