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Get armed up for a water balloon fight FAST with this Magic Water Balloon Maker. In about 60 seconds, you're ready to go with 111 balloons. That's a whole bunch of balloons!

Why struggle and waste precious party time filling and tying one water balloon after the other? Just insert a water hose into the Magic Water Balloon Maker and fill & tie the balloons with the speed of a race car pit stop crew! A water balloon fight is great outdoor water sports fun for kids and (grand)parents! Just fill the balloons with water and throw them.

Alternative use 1:

Don't want to throw things at each other? You can also use the water balloons for a long distance throwing competition or a water balloon relay race. Or draw an archery-style target on your driveway with chalk and aim for the bullseye.

Alternative use 2:

Hang some water balloons on a wire with clothespins. Use something safe – like a pea shooter – to aim and fire at the water balloons to make them burst. Or whack the water balloons, piñata style.

Package includes:

3 Bunches of Balloons in total of 111 balloons

1pcs Supplementary package (120 Balloons and tools)

Customer Reviews

Let the games begin, 111 balloons in 60 seconds!

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 on June 8, 2016
By Mr Lou Claire
My son and daughter loves playing with water balloons. These are fantastic. My children are still to young for water balloon fights but they love to hold them, squeeze them and throw them at the ground. Unfortunately my son decided to throw one the other day and it hit my wife directly in the eye. What is even more unfortunate is that it was intentional. Normal water balloons take a really long time between filling and tying each individual balloon. Kemuse’s water balloons fill up fast. I’m talking 111 balloons in 60 seconds. You attach the top to your faucet or hose. Once the water is going all the balloons fill at the same time and drop off completely tied when full. These have saved me so much time filling and tying one balloon at a time. I really like that they are made out of a fully biodegradable latex. They will dissolve like a leaf does in your backyard.

Fun but flawed….

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 on June 13, 2016
By kmr
My daughter had been asking for these for quite a while so we were really excited to get them. I decided on this one because of the refill kit that it came with. Filling the pre-tied balloons was very quick and simple but there were quite a few balloons that had holes in them and a few didn’t fill up at all. It comes with 3 bunches of 37 pre-tied balloons (111-total), but we probably only ended up with around 85 that filled with water. They do give the balloons and tools to refill them but it takes a while to do it. Overall we really did enjoy these and my daughter had so much fun.

Really Cool

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 on June 13, 2016
By averyclevergirl
these are every bit as cool as we expected! they are small and the balloons are very thin. we lost a few while filling and I suspect it was because we let them land on the grass (even thought it was only an inch or two) and they are very thin. I would drop them onto a towel or in a bucket next time around. a few leaked but nothing major.

Answer to a prayer

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 on May 24, 2016
By Terry J
First things first: I received this product in exchange for my honest review. So here’s me being honest: it freaking rocks!

Do not fill them up early!

One person found this helpful
 on June 11, 2016
By Boymom
Like: super easy to fill the balloons

I have loved being able to fill lots of balloons with one …

One person found this helpful
 on May 29, 2016
By Sunprincess
I have loved being able to fill lots of balloons with one easy step. These are nice because I can reload the balloons to fill again. My only problem was the end piece did not fit on my hose at all and I tried another hose and it wouldn’t work with that one either and the adapter that came also didn’t work. I had to hild the end on and seal it with my hands and get sprayed to get them to fill, but it worked. I did receive this product at a discount for an honest review.

Work great

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 on May 31, 2016
By Hingle McCringleberry
These are great water balloons. They fit on the facet on my sink nicely. I did not experience any tearing or breaking while filling them and they feel off the little plastic holder thing very easy. They broke on contact and were a ton of fun. I did receive these Water balloons at a discount from the seller in return for honest and unbiased feedback of the product.

Time saver, really neat!

 on June 5, 2016
By Shannon Allen
This is the best invention for water balloons yet. I have always hated filling up water balloons because it takes so long plus it hurts my fingers to tie so many. These balloons are so much quicker and I love that I don’t have to tie a single one.

Lots Of Fun For Kids

 on June 12, 2016
By M. Fraga
These self tie water balloons are all the rage right now. And for good reason. They are awesome. Kids love to have water balloon fights, but parents, not so much because it’s a serious pain to try to fill and tie enough balloons to make it worth it. With this system you can fill a ton of balloons in a matter of a couple minutes. That’s fantastic. These balloons held water well, with only one or two coming open after filling. I’d say that’s pretty good. And the extra balloons and rubber bands means even more fun. Great addition. The only problem I noticed was my hoses wouldn’t fit into the end of the filler. I had to hold it in place making a bit of a water mess, but it was still totally worth it.

So much fun on a hot day

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 on June 2, 2016
By Itzybellababy
We get some extremely hot temperatures in Phoenix, so a bit of water related fun is always appreciated in the summer months. I was super excited to receive the set of water balloons for review.

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