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Amazon Price: $14.95 $9.95 (as of August 16, 2018 10:11 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Kangaroo's Glow Dark Stars Are The Best on the Market with 200 Glow in the Dark Stars and One Bonus Moon Per Order. Stick Them On Your Ceiling or On the Walls. Kids Will Love the Natural Light These Glow Stars Give Off. Great Party Favors! One Kit Make Dozens or Birthday Party Favors! Give The Birthday Girl or Boy the Bonus Glow in the Dark Moon!

*200 Brilliantly Glowing ceiling/wall Stars included in each kit.

*Lifetime Glow Guarantee – These are the only stars made with IllumaGlow2.0. Extensive testing has shown that IllumaGlow2.0 shines brighter and longer than the leading competitor's luminescent formulas

*Our stars are NOT merely stickers or decals – They are Thermo-molded, rigid, and can be re-applied over and over with the special adhesive putty that comes with your kit. You won't have to deal with dried-on stickers that are virtually impossible to remove from your ceiling.

**A few words about Putty – Our adhesive putty not only gives you the freedom to reposition your stars with the confidence that they will stick again, but has been tested to be safe for wall/ceiling surfaces – even textured or older popcorn-style acoustic ceilings. Other manufacturer's use an inferior double-sided foam tape, which loses it's adhesion properties after one application AND has been known to leave behind a messy, dried mixture of foam/glue that is extremely frustrating to remove not to mention damaging to your paint surface. Bottom line is OUR PUTTY is safe, Reusable and worry-free!

*Each Kit comes with enough adhesive putty for all 200 stars (and even your Bonus Moon!)

*Comes with an inspirational star guide and constellation map

*Star sizes – 3.8cm and 2.0cm

*Excellent tool for helping children who still struggle with being left alone in the dark

*Find the included Bonus glowing moon!

TIPS – Exposure to a bright room light is KEY to getting the maximum glow from your stars

Customer Reviews

Glow stars!

 on September 2, 2017
By Wolsey
They are plastic glow in the dark stars. It comes with sticky putty to tack them to your ceiling. Very apartment friendly because they come right back off.

What Childhood Memories Are Made Of.

 on June 20, 2017
By HXR91
One word… Nostalgia. You can’t put a price on that. These stars took me back, way back. Even though I bought them as a gift, I was still able to enjoy the memories they brought me.

Kangaroo’s Ultra Glow in the Dark Stars is a fantastic buy and fun activity for all!

 on November 11, 2017
By Audrea
Kangaroo’s Ultra Glow in the Dark Stars; 200 Count w/ Bonus Moon is a fantastic buy. The kit includes 200 super bright floresent stars, a bonus moon, adhesive putty, star guide and constellation map. The stars and moon are made of Illumaglow 2.0 and the latest in glow technology. The putty is easily removable and reusable from wall/ceiling and does not leave any residue behind. This is an activity that is full of fun with the little ones. We choose to place some stars on the wall low enough so the boys can learn about the constellations and move them around for learning acivities. The remainder of the stars we used a border half way up the wall and makes a fantastic night light for the boys. They glow bright but not so overwhelming it disrupts a great night sleep.

They look small at first but are perfect size once they are up and glowing.

 on February 8, 2018
By Our Lady Bon Bons
They are smaller than I expected, but once they are up and glowing, they appear larger.

Ignore the bad reviews

 on April 16, 2018
By Rainbow Rivers
Amazing deal and amazing product. I only used about half of the putty to put them up, you really only need a teeny tiny little ball. They also glow super well when given adequate light. My lighting isn’t that awesome but they still glow at night with all the light off. I’ve very pleased and have reccomened this product to everyone who has asked me where I purchased my stars. Everyone that complained about this product obviously has not had glow in the dark stars before, the negative reviews are kinda ridiculous because you can tell that this company is trying really hard. I even had instructions included with my purchase explaining about lighting and how much putty to use. Definitely will be buying these again!

Awesome Glow-in-the-Dark Stars!

 on October 5, 2017
I love these. I was looking to brighten up a room at night and they worked perfectly! It only takes a small amount of the included putty to put them up and they stick very well. I’ve had non fall from the ceiling or walls. I had to reposition some of them because I didn’t like where I put them originally and there were no marks left on the walls or ceiling which was great. With 200 stars (2 different sizes included) and a crescent moon it’s easily enough to brighten up 1 room or there is enough you could split them up into 2 rooms and still have plenty. They are bright once you charge them with light and the glowing effect lasts a good long time. I would recommend them to anyone looking to purchase this kind of item.

They do need light to recharge people but when charged they can light up the room!

 on February 23, 2018
By G.Briz
4/30/18 I just bought a third box to give as a gift to my great neice. These are the best we have found. If you are even thinking about buying glow stars this is it….The rest of this review from this point on was written by me a few months ago after we bought the first 2 boxes…..(1st review starts here I guess Amazon will only let you review a product once so I had to combine)… So I have read some of the bad reviews and can see that most folks have never had these stars before. The first thing we do is take them out of the box and set them out on a table flat with a light shineing on them for a few hours. And once that is finished they glow like magic. But once they are on the walls or ceilings then you have to have some decent light in the room in order to recharge them for each night otherwise they will not glow people. Ours work great! Make sure they get plenty of light so they can charge…they will shine…ours do! We bought 2 boxes and my Grandson loves them.


 on May 16, 2018
By Lynn G.
I purchased these glow in the dark stars and am very pleased.

Awesome product

 on February 4, 2018
By Cowboy
I wasn’t going to write a review but after recieving an email on how people are complaining that they don’t glow and leaving the company to explain how they work I felt compelled. You obviously have to expose these to some kind of light source in order to charge them, if you are leaving a negative review because you didn’t know that then that’s pretty ignorant. They work awesome and I would buy them again, my daughter loves looking up from her crib and seeing the stars.

high quality, meets expectations.

 on February 5, 2018
By kayla.boymom
I purchased these stars for my boy’s room for Christmas. I am absolutely happy with the quality of the starts! I feel you get the absolute most for your money. You get more than enough tack to stick the stars up, and there were enough stars to do their entire ceiling! Just be sure to remember that they need to “charge” during the day to glow at night. These are the same quality I had as a kid, which I was impressed with. I feel as though the quality of toys has decreased over the years. I would highly recommend these to anyone!

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