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    How to Play: Jenga
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    Jenga Classic from Hasbro (How to play)
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    Jenga record? 36 layers game build fun fast record video how to
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    The classic tower building game Jenga Donkey Kong Time Lapse video
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It's the classic block-stacking, stack-crashing game of Jenga. How will you stack up against the law of gravity? Stack the wooden blocks in a sturdy tower, then take turns pulling out blocks one by one until the whole stack crashes down. Is your hand steady enough to pull out the last block before the tower collapses?.

Customer Reviews

Not exactly GIANT, but pretty big!

 on November 24, 2015
By Jeanne Bourgeois🐬
We love Jenga! We’ve played it for years – at home, on vacation, at friend’s houses – it’s a great game and everyone we know loves it, and this giant Jenga has kicked it up a notch. First off, let me say that this isn’t Giant as much as it is Large. Giant makes me think of Jenga pieces so big that it takes two hands to pick them up, and there are companies that make yard-sized Jenga knock-offs with pieces that are three feet across. This is not that. It’s Jenga x2: the pieces are exactly twice as big as the original Jenga pieces. 6″ compared to 3″ – so everything is doubled. So, it’s large, but still manageable. You can still play it on a coffee table or dining room table, you don’t need to clear a place on the floor. You do have to be careful though because when the tower comes down those big pieces fly! It’s no more or less fun than the original, but it is a lot easier for guys with big hands to play… we have friends who alway find the original Jenga frustrating because their fingers are too big to delicately remove the small pieces. They love this one though! Jenga is a great game and this is an excellent addition to the Jenga family.

Jenga Bells.. Jenga Bells.. You’re The Best To Play

 on November 13, 2015
By Shinya Shokudo
$8 for a block of wood that keeps us and friends entertained for hours on. It’s well worth the tiny investment. Anyone complaining about this game whether new or classic should invest in a new set of eyes. People have grown so impatient these days it’s sad to listen to and watch. This game can be enjoyed by family, friends, kids, adults and people of all ages, sizes, sexes, races, cultures and backgrounds. Advice for today’s generation would be, instead of giving a child an iP** or Xb**, try challenging and watching how much joy and excitement a 5 year receives from simply building the blocks. If the task is too monotonous and time consuming for the average adult, it would be a tremendous achievement for some children to build it themselves. Perhaps more for those who aren’t accustomed to being stuck behind a TV or LCD screen. Maybe some children wouldn’t care thinking about the challenge of pulling out each square. That can be boring for kids too. So why not munch on a few pretzels, and start a conversation while the little ones enjoy this game too. Then when it’s finished being stacked, have a try at winning a game of Jenga. This game is one of the true classics from American pastimes. Also, I’ve recently learned that allot of countries don’t play board or puzzle games like America does. So please don’t knock this game for all it’s worth. Small price to pay for an exchange for so much happiness.


 on July 6, 2013
By C. Strole
We bought one game for each table at our daughter’s wedding, so strangers would have something to play with each other. It was a big hit. Our friends made friends with each other and are now have plans for later without us. The bride wrote love quotes on half of the pieces, and one in Spanish in each set. Whoever pulled the Spanish quote got to take the game home. This game has suspense with no real danger, appeals to all ages, is simple to play, and lasts forever.

No HDMI Cable Required

 on January 6, 2016
By Joni
If somebody doesn’t know what Jenga is about: it is a game where you build a tower out of wooden blocks (3 pieces per floor), and players are taking turns to remove blocks out of the tower. If the tower falls apart on your turn, you will lose the game. It is very simple and fun game.

An excellent game from my childhood. Still fun, no wifi required.

 on February 2, 2016
By Kalatraza
This one is the real thing — Jenga as I remember playing it as a kid. (We’ll assume my memory is still intact.) Just a box full of wood sticks, some of which aren’t finished all that well and some not-so-great instructions. It’s possible that this game was more of a Midwestern thing because people don’t always know what I’m talking about when I mention my wish to build a gigantic version in the backyard.

his journey towards the haze of my youth is wonderful. Peace

 on January 28, 2018
By No BS Guy
Our family grew up together in some sort of Jenga haze where at every get together this was dragged out and we played for hours.

you really can’t beat the amount of fun and suspense that it delivers

 on June 8, 2016
By Nicholas Ramsey
For the cost of this game, for under 15 dollars, you really can’t beat the amount of fun and suspense that it delivers. My fiancé and all of my friends love this game very much; as well as my parents which tells you that all generations love this game. This is probably one of the best “board games” there are around; if you have little kids this would definitely teach hand eye coordination. Definitely durable given the amount of times the tiles have came crashing down going every which way. This game has suspense with no real danger, appeals to all ages, is simple to play, and lasts forever. You can still play it on a coffee table or dining room table, you don’t need to clear a place on the floor. One thing I would suggest is changing the box size, you would think that the box would be the exact shape of the game so the pieces aren’t rattling around in the box. All in all; it’s a great game for a great price that you can’t beat. Definitely a must buy to keep in your home for a rainy day or for a family game night.

Great fun for the whole family.

 on April 27, 2016
By Gina Central
A fun classic game for the whole family. Except cats…. cats hate Jenga. I’ve seen a few that like it but they are rare. As soon as the tower falls they run up the wall and out the door. Its not rocket science which is what makes it fun. You remove a block and put it on the top and the next player goes. You can learn a lot about a person and the way they play Jenga. I bet you never knew Nana was such a cut throat. Its a pretty compact game to take on a family trip to not a ton so space. Not going to be an option in the car thought so road trips are out.

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