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    Jbm Adult / Child Knee Pads Elbow Pads Wrist Guards 3 In 1 Protective Gear Set For Multi
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JBM Protective Gear for Wrist elbow knee.
We are professional on Sport Equipment set.

Item specifics
Age: adult
Color: Black
Material: Polyester, PP plastic and PE foam

Adults: Elbow (min 9.5" max 13.5")
Knee (min 12.5" max 17")
Youth / Child: Elbow (min 6" max 9")
Knee (min 8" max 15")

Suitable Sport:
Skateboard Skateboarding
Roller Rollerblade
Bicycle Ride Bike Cycling
BMX bike
Outdoor activities
Other extreme sports

Suitable User:
Professional / amateur athlete

1 Pair of Elbow pad
1 Pair of Knee pad
1 Pair of Wrist pad

Warranty: 1 year warranty!

Fully safety equipment set can relieve your injury, You can easily go to exorcise. Explore your extreme talent.
JBM is a registered brand. We are authorized seller.

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Customer Reviews

Stop!! Look no further!! Buy these Elbow/Knee/Wrist pads right now!!

 on April 28, 2016
By Sylvia Lewis
My sons are ages 3, 5, 8, and 9. I originally purchased 4 different sets of pads so that each of my boys would have pads that not only looked different so that we could easily tell them apart, but also matched their bikes. Unfortunately, these pads were the only set that was worth anything. I read all of the reviews and thought I was purchasing pads that would protect my kids and fit them. Wrong! This JBM International set was the only set that would even stay on without sliding off. The major difference is that in addition to the very sturdy straps, this set has a stretchy material behind the pad that holds them in place – like a knee pad for volleyball does. The other sets only have straps that don’t even keep the pads in place. They were too lose and slid right off – even on my 9 year old. This set by JBM stays in place on ALL my boys, regardless of their size, because of that stretchy material. However, this feature was not part of the product description so I had no way of knowing that these pads were different (better) than the other pads. They look stronger and sturdier from the picture and are a little bit more expensive but there was nothing in the description in any of the sets to explain why. I don’t see the point in putting elbow and knee pads on my kids if they aren’t going to stay in place. The point is to make sure my kids are protected. I sent the other 3 sets back and ordered 3 more of this set. We will either use stickers on the pads to tell them apart, or paint a dot on the back of each one with different colors of fingernail polish. Your child will be well protected with this set!!

Saved me from more pain!

 on November 18, 2015
By LadyLiz
I was wearing these while roller skating on my quads last weekend when I had a terrible accident. I was going down a hill around a corner when the path suddenly went from concrete to asphalt. Inertia! My body went flying forward and I hit the ground… hard. I hit my chin, wrists, arms, knees and right hip. The only damage I got was a scraped Jay Leno chin, bruised left knee, and road rash to my hip and right arm. The road rash is the worst! I hit the ground so hard, my left knee pad cracked. My knee is bruised a bit, but I can only imagine what other damage might have happened had I NOT been wearing these pads! A true testament to how important safety pads are, and how well these work! As far as sizing, I am 5’5″ and 195 pounds and they fit me just fine.

Great for 9 year olds and have a good amount of adjustability.

 on January 27, 2016
By EmbracingWanderlust
I got these for my very clumsy daughter who just had to have a penny board;-). Let me say they have already saved us from using up all the bandages! She is 9 years old and they fit her great. The plastic protectors on the wrist guards are great for forward falls when they put their hands out, it prevents them from smashing their bones. They have a good amount of adjustability as well.

The best pads, ever!

 on May 20, 2016
By J. Smith
My daughter always hated wearing protection gear, even though I insisted. She hated it because the straps were too thin and dug into her skin because there was nothing there but the thin strap. And I’m referring to the ones you go to Target or Walmart or Academy and buy. I’ll never buy those again. I ordered these because I saw that they had more of a cuff type protection that went around the arm and around the leg so it’s more like a slave. The straps appeared thick and wide and it turns out they are.

Fell hard and didn’t even feel it

 on May 19, 2017
By Lauren
I haven’t roller skated in more than 10+ yrs and decided I wanted to start again for fun exercise. I bought these pads for protection as I didn’t want to get hurt. I use the knee pads and wrist guards only.

Comfortable, durable

 on July 27, 2014
By Eric Krauskopf
For someone who HATES wearing pads, these were a welcome surprise. Comfortable, durable, and lightweight.

great value for price, does its job

 on August 24, 2014
By A. Baldwin
They work.

Excellent for my petite five-year-old daughter

 on October 14, 2016
By Frequent Purchaser
I love these. Bought them for my petite five-year-old daughter to roller-skate in. I really like that the knee and elbow pads surround the joints — the wearer’s arms and legs go through them like a sock. Other pads I’ve found for small children tend to just have streaks that go around that joint. Such pads are considerably more prone to move or even come off.


 on November 30, 2017
By Bon Padilla
Got the order, th item is well made. I ordered a youth size, for both of my girls. My little one is 7 and slim and my oldest is 9 and silm. The set for youth its perfect fit for my youngest one. However, for my oldest one the set is a snug fit. It will not last her more than a year. So the youth size would work for children up to 9 years old in my opinion. But if the child is on the little heavier side, i would say that it would be a bit small on them. For ages of 8 and older. Go next size they run small. I got youth size for my oldest because of some reviews. I should had bought the adult size. That way it could had last her a couple of years. But, i have to say that I like the quality of the pads. I hope this helps.


 on September 20, 2017
By ConAnna
I went to a skate park trying to use for the second time my skates. For the beginning I barely kept my equliibrium but soon, I started doing some maneuvres and even got some speed. All those came with a cost: falls – many of them. I guess, it only was necessary one or two falls to take me out of there. With these pads I honestly felt about nothing. Every time I “picked up” myself, stood up immediately and continued my fun. It might sound like a cliche but, I’m grateful for having this protection. I ran for hours and got vissible progess. Meantime, a lot of people came and I noticed few of them falling. After that, their journey stoped. One guy used a skate board for a few minutes and took a hit. It must been so painful that he barely stood up making efforts not to scream from time to time. He tried to calm himself down by walking slowly outside the skate arena but after 15-20 he definitely left. That was for him: about 5 minutes skating and more than 15 minutes pain. Of course, nobody was wearing anything else than a helmet. The conclusion is a simple one: unless someone has the joints stronger than concrete, h/she must wear not only the helmet but the knees pads. And these pads are very good: they are fitting very well, are very comfortable and they don’t move or loose. They are not only invaluable for joints protection but they have a more than decent price (about $23; lowered from $60).

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