• default - Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle, 2017 [Amazon Exclusive]
    Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle, 2017
  • default - Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle, 2017 [Amazon Exclusive]
    Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle, 2017 [Amazon Exclusive]
  • default - Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle, 2017 [Amazon Exclusive]
    Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle 2017
  • default - Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle, 2017 [Amazon Exclusive]
    Think & Learn Smart Cycle from Fisher-Price
  • default - Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle, 2017 [Amazon Exclusive]
    Amazon com Fisher Price Smart Cycle Toys & Games
  • default - Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle, 2017 [Amazon Exclusive]
    Loving the new Fisher Price Think and Learn Smart Cycle (aka his Peloton kids exercise bike)
  • default - Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle, 2017 [Amazon Exclusive]
    smart cycle
  • default - Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle, 2017 [Amazon Exclusive]
    CYCLE TOY | Fisher Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle Toy New for 2017
  • default - Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle, 2017 [Amazon Exclusive]
    Fisher Price Smart Cycle Part 2 2/2
  • default - Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle, 2017 [Amazon Exclusive]
    Fisher price smart cycle 6 years ago
Amazon Price: $149.99 $71.70 You save: $78.29 (52%). (as of August 18, 2018 8:32 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Pedal into learning fun with the Fisher-Price Think & Learn Smart Cycle, where kids are in control of all the action and the more kids pedal, the more they can learn! Smart Cycle is equipped with Bluetooth Technology, so kids can play cool games on a tablet or TV screen for a fully immersive experience! (Check list of compatible devices below.) Games focus on skills preschoolers will need as they head into kindergarten—here's just a start of what they can learn: Letters & Phonics: Games like ""Alphaballoons"" prompt kids to find the starting letter of items they see on screen (""Buh-buh-ball!"") As your child gains success, the words get trickier, which helps keep them growing. Spelling & Vocabulary: Kids can fly a drone in ""Drone Zoom"" to collect syllables and spell words or hit a target letter with a beach ball in ""Balloon POP!"" to spell words in Seaside Village. Sound like fun? It is—and it's also setting up a foundation for reading! Reading & Rhyming: Whether they're sorting & categorizing rhyming words at the factory, or finishing sentences in the ""Match-A-Word"" game, they're pedaling, steering and playing their way to becoming readers! Get the fun started by downloading the free Smart Cycle Mission to Tech City app, using your tablet or media streaming device (See list of compatible devices below). Then your little gamer can choose one of three destinations and which games they want to play. With more than 15 different levels of play, the Smart Cycle automatically adjusts content as your child learns. Remember, the faster they pedal, the faster the on-screen action—so get those legs moving! Download additional Smart Cycle apps, featuring characters from some of your child's favorite Nickelodeon shows, for even more high-speed learning fun focusing on different subjects. (Tablet, TV, and media streaming device not included.)

Smart Cycle is compatible with: Apple: iPad Generation 3 & 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad Pro 9.7, iPad mini (1, 2, 3 & 4) and newer devices with Bluetooth LE (4.0) and higher. Android: Most Android tablets with 5.1 (Lollipop) or higher and Bluetooth LE (4.0) and higher. Amazon Fire: Kindle Fire HDX 8.9"" (4th gen), Fire HD 6"", Fire (5th gen), Fire HD 7"", Fire HD 8"" (2015), Fire HD 8"" (2016), Fire HD 10"" and newer devices with Bluetooth LE (4.0) and higher. Apple TV: 4th gen Amazon Fire TV: 2nd gen Android TV devices with Bluetooth LE (4.0) and higher

Customer Reviews

Fuelled by imagination and peddle powered at the same time, beautiful

 on September 15, 2017
By Hart
Around here we prefer to have the kids playing with toys that encourage creativity that also include learning body coordination. Most video games are too linear and don’t do enough to get the little bodies moving. This is why some consoles suddenly rushed into controllers that require whole body interaction not just hands. Here the bike helps develop eye/hand/leg coordination development while having a ton of fun. Better than the standard PS4, Wii, or XBOX game.

All kids can’t go outside in the winter!

 on November 20, 2017
By Melissa in Michigan
For all you “OMG our kids can go outside and ride a bike”. Well I live in Michigan and my kid can’t go outside and play 5 months out of the year and ride his bike so this is great exercise during the winter. And yes he also has an indoor trampoline and he is 4. Don’t rate items on Amazon unless you have tried them, we don’t want your person opinions about how our kids need to go outside!!!

I wish I could give it more stars!

 on September 4, 2017
By Happy Mom
Seriously, this is the BEST!! I wish I could give it more stars. For the parents: easy-assembly, sturdy and well-constructed, and worth EVERY PENNY!! Yes, of course we want our kids to enjoy the outdoors but not many of us live in areas where the weather is warm and sunny year-round. Bring on the rain, bring on the snow and ice, bring on night-time! Screen time is going to happen, especially for learning. That’s exactly what I love….all the fun & learning. And, I love that the learning games have so MANY different levels of play and automatically adjust as kids learn so they won’t get bored. But wait, bonus, it’s an exercise bike so they’re not just sitting around! Again, this is the BEST purchase ever!!!


 on November 1, 2017
I bought his for my daughter and she loves it.

Rate the actual Quality of the Product Not your Opinion of It

 on November 12, 2017
By Cassandra Flanders
I am purchasing this for my nephew because unlike all of these people saying they should be outside on actual bikes don’t realize the benefits.

OPEN APP before trying to pair

 on December 6, 2017
By PipeAndWire
so far so good. put together in 10 minutes. YOU MUST HAVE THE APP OPEN and of course bluetooth on BEFORE turning on the cycle. it will not pair to device unless app is going.

Awesome little kids version of a stationary bike!

 on March 7, 2018
By Kitty Kat
We recently purchased this for our four year old son. He always likes to watch us when we use our stationary bike (Peloton), and is always asking to ride our bike–obviously, this wouldn’t work, so we started to look into other options for him.


 on December 27, 2017
By Nwest
I am updating my review. Originally I was furious because this was not compatible with any of my devices, including my son’s Kindle Fire. I’ll include my old review below if you want to read it. I managed to figure out that the parental controls were blocking the app from being downloaded onto his Kindle Fire (I never usually have to unblock anything in the parental controls, but I had to in this instance). Anyways, it’s now downloaded onto his tablet. Now my only complaint is that the apps are not free… they cost $4.99 each. Granted, not breaking the bank here, but the fact I already purchased the bike, you would think they’d allow the apps to actually be free, or have a free limited version. Either way, my 4-year-old son does absolutely love it, and it really is tuckering him out (hooray for easy bedtime)! I will still say that they need to make this compatible with more devices in the future though.

Our kids love this!

 on December 25, 2017
By Chelsea
My kids (2.5 and 5) LOVE this thing. They have been fighting over it all day long. I think it would be helpful to have the option to plug it in, rather than just using batteries, but it’s also nice to be able to move it around easily. The games are easy to download, and easy to play. Assembly was a cinch. Couldn’t be happier, and I’m so glad we made the purchase despite many negative reviews that were focused too much on whether I should put my kid on a real bicycle out in the snow rather than let them play a video game inside.

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