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LB stands for Luria Broth, a nutritionally rich medium, which is one of the most common media used in the laboratories worldwide.
LB medium is recommended safe for student use, whereas Tryptic Soy Agar medium is NOT suitable for student use due to its selectivity.


1) 10x Pre-poured sterile LB-agar plates (100 x 15 mm Petri Dish)
2) 10x 6-inch sterile cotton swabs (2 per pouch)
3) Detailed Instruction
4) Free Science Fair Project E-Book
LB agar plates should be placed in a refrigerator upon arrival. LB-agar plates stored under such conditions have a minimum shelf life of 3 months.

1) Take out one sterile cotton swab. Gently wipe a test area with the cotton swab to pick up bacteria. Here are some of the popular samples of the test objects: human or pet teeth, hands, phone, TV remote, restaurant menu, sink, floor, fruit, vegetable etc.
2) Take out one of the agar plates (No warm-up is needed). Open the agar plate and gently streak the agar plate with the cotton swab to transfer the bacteria onto the surface of the agar plate.
3) Cover the agar plate and place it in an upside-down position in an incubator with a temperature between 85 and 100 oF. A desk lamp or a portable heater can be used as a heat source.
4) Watch appearance of small bacterial colonies on the surface of the agar plates after 12-48 hr of incubation.

EZ Prepoured LB agar plates are backed by our 100% money back guarantee. If more technical assistance is needed, we not only provide you with an email address, but also a telephone number to talk to our friendly laboratory tech support.

Customer Reviews

Easier and better than homemade.

13 people found this helpful.
 on June 5, 2016
By SaraJFF
My second grader wanted to grow bacteria for his science fair project. We tried making agar at home and putting it in some oversized plastic test tubes but nothing grew. This kit was a great deal that had everything we needed for our project, and using the included instructions we got fantastic results. We would definitely buy this again, highly recommended for school projects or just those interested in science!

This worked great for us as a homeschool science experiment

4 people found this helpful.
 on December 18, 2016
By Someone
This worked great for us as a homeschool science experiment. We don’t have an incubator so we kept the petri dishes warm by placing them on top of the DVR machine, which is warm because it’s always on.

Awesome product

2 people found this helpful.
 on May 8, 2017
By Amazon Customer
Awesome product. My son scored a 91 in his science project. He did an experiment to compare the effectiveness of hand sanitizers. He collected bacteria samples from contaminated food. He then touched the bacteria and rubbed on the petri dish. After washing his hands He did touch the contaminant again, washed with dove soap, rubbed on petri dish. He repeated this process with various hand sanitizers he compared. And he found that purell is the best because it has more alcohol content in it.

Convenient, high-quality, perfectly sterile and the germs love them!

One person found this helpful.
 on June 13, 2017
By amazon_princess
We’ve ordered these a few times over the years, and we always got perfectly-poured, spotless LB-agar plates. We try to keep some on-hand for any impromptu science experiments we happen to think up. They hold up really well in the refrigerator, not a speck of contamination as long as we don’t mishandle them.

Great product for young scientists!

 on April 15, 2017
By 40yr-old Gamer
Bought these for my kid’s science project. MUCH easier than trying to make them yourself at home. If you’re concerned about adding variables (bubbles, inconsistent amts. of agar, etc.), this product will alleviate those concerns. Pouring your own plates, those variables are definitely a concern. In this product, each are visually identical to another.

Good for school

One person found this helpful.
 on March 20, 2017
By Bonnie6510
The kid is using this for a school science fair experiment. We set up an incubator in a cardboard box with a lamp over it. Seems to be working so far. The petri dishes were well packaged and easy to remove from the packaging. The kids are a little loose, so be careful that you don’t drop a lid and contaminate the inside before your experiment begins. We have rubber-banded them close for now, but will be taping them shut for the final display. Would be helpful if they also provided labels, we bought those separately.

I didn’t realize how interesting and easy it could be

9 people found this helpful.
 on January 3, 2016
By jasonj888
My daughter and I had a blast growing bacteria. I didn’t realize how interesting and easy it could be. We used the swabs on cell phone screens, our feet, her pointe shoes, etc., then left them under a small lamp. After about 24 hours the bacteria started to show up. We left the dishes another day and colonies had formed. Very easy to use.

Easy to Use, Easy to Read

 on April 6, 2017
By AstorDragon
Such a great and simple to use science kit! I used it with my young kids to see “what was more dirty” in the house, as part of a lesson on germs/bacteria/etc. Additionally, I did a general test of the effectiveness of homemade cleaning supplies. The kits were easy to use and the results easy to see. I forgot that they are supposed to remain at a warm temperature to foster growth, but that was easily remedied once I read the directions. I will likely be purchasing again.

Worked perfect for science fair "dirty hands"

One person found this helpful.
 on March 19, 2017
By Michelle Smith
Worked perfect for science fair “dirty hands”. Pre poured agar was perfect and made the project super easy to do! We made our own incubator with a box and 15 watt bulb/lamp. Covered the plates with dark cloth and stored upside down.

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