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Customer Reviews

Beer Pong for Kids?

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 on July 6, 2014
By The Travelin' H-Family
Not knowing exactly what this game was, we took advantage of picking this one up for our boys ages 8, 9 and 11.

Purchased for children who love the similar carnival game (bouncing balls in cups/goldfish tanks)

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 on January 5, 2016
By MishL
Right now, I’m giving this 4 stars. My son loves the ping pong ball in cup games at the fair, so I thought he would love this. I bought it for him for his 8th birthday. He has no interest in it, yet. I was able to play a few games with my 5 year old though. It’s kind of cheaply made, although I’m not sure what exactly I was expecting. I paid 12 for it and that seems a fair price. I was glad to see I didn’t pay more when I checked. There are not a lot of cards, but there is enough to satisfy the game, for now. Basically, you have a stack of cards, and you try to bounce the ball to make that pattern. My 5 year old does this well. Whoever wins, keeps that card and you move onto the next card. Whoever has more cards at the end wins the game.

Fun Game

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 on February 7, 2016
By Ham
I had bought this game for my nephew for a Christmas present. At first I didn’t get why he wanted it so bad. After he opened it, we got together and played a few rounds. We jokingly refer to it as the Beer Pong for kids. This is a fun game to play with just two or more players. You could even play by yourself if you wanted to, just for practice purposes.

Simple, fun game

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 on December 18, 2015
Our kids love this game – it’s very easy to teach and to learn. The board and balls are pretty cheaply made, but they’re fine. You’re given cards with shapes you’re trying to make – first one to make the shape wins. And if you need more shapes it would be a very simple matter to create your own cards.

Active for the younger kids, but not too much for the adults who love them

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 on November 30, 2016
By Amazon Customer
Great game for kids and adults. I don’t like to move much – I’d rather play cards. This game doesn’t take too much out of me but the kids think I’m way cool. They feel like they’re up and moving around with me. Lol!

A good game for all ages

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 on March 30, 2017
By Erin M
It was a hit with kids, big and small. My 5 year old and 9 year still play it 3 months after Christmas!!! It’s a miracle. I just wish they had more cards and offer variations of the game written down. But we made up our own, which is contention for fights. Fun game.

Fun little game to play with the kids

 on July 2, 2017
By D. Campisi
Bought Bounce Off at Target for $12.29, and my family enjoys it. When we got it my daughter was 3 and my son was 8, and they could both play. I had to give my 3-year-old a few extra chances when she’d miss the entire board with the ball, but that wasn’t a problem. And there were plenty of times when she put the ball in a good (or even great) place on her first shot. My 8-year old really got into it, and my wife and I had a lot of fun too. It gave us some great family time. We don’t play it terribly often, but when we do, it’s good fun that keeps my kids in the family room.

Love this game!

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 on December 22, 2015
By Cheyanna H.
Got this to play minute to win it games and Oh MY GOSH, all my kids loved this game. Young and old alike we have played this game a ton! You can play with the instructions and cards that this comes with or we set a timer for 1 minute and try to get 5 balls in a row any direction which believe it or not is pretty tricky and challenging for the kids. Love this game!

Fantastic & Addictive

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 on January 7, 2017
By K.S.
The game is very fun to play, despite its simplicity. Sometimes a very technical game becomes boring, less interesting, or basically exhaustive to play. Not this game, this game combines a little skill and basic dumb luck. It’s simplicity makes it ideal for everyone to get involved in and enjoy whether you are younger, older, drunk, or sober this is the game for all. Throw in a little trash talk and you have the makings of an epic Bounce Off Battle. Tell your opponet “they’re about to get bounced!”.

Overall I still like this one though

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 on April 23, 2017
By Sarah K.
As soon as we bought and opened this game I came across a bigger “extreme” version that I wish we would’ve gotten instead. Overall I still like this one though, as does my 7yo son.

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