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    Kids’ Science #1 – 4M Crystal Growing Experimental Kit-STEP BY STEP (Part 1) | ToyGal
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    4M Crystal Growing Kit
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    4m Crystal Growing Kit ♡
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    Crystal growing
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    Crystal Growing with Sophia
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    Kangaroo Experimental Crystal Growing Kit
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    4M Crystal Growing Kit
Amazon Price: $12.00 (as of August 16, 2018 2:17 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Teach children about the beauty and complexity of crystal growth with the 4M Crystal Growing Experiment. This science kit contains all the materials needed to perform seven different crystal growth experiments. A special display case is included to admire the crystals once they are fully grown. Perfect for young science enthusiasts, especially those with an interest in geology. Complete instructions for each experiment are included with the kit. Recommended for ages 10 years and up.

Customer Reviews

2 important things to know !

 on September 9, 2016
By Raye
My 6 year old son loved this! He took his crystals to school for show and tell. He has them on his dresser now. He and I followed the directions perfectly and they grew like you see on the outside of the box. It was real fun watching them grow daily. Two very important things! 1. When they start growing on the edge of the container and outside (and they will) they will drip on the surface. I had a paper towel under mine and it went through the paper towel on the window sill and is impossible to remove without repainting! 2. If they get dusty do not put under water! Its like pouring hot water on ice cream. They crystal will wash away. (odd the crystal does that but the stain from the crystal is like titanium !) Hope that helps! [email protected]

This set is AWESOME! I highly recommend it

 on February 24, 2016
By TuCool
This set is AWESOME! I highly recommend it! I purchased it to grow crystals in the office as a fun experiment to keep me entertained during busy season and it did not disappoint. You need to be sure to follow the instructions carefully. I made a fatal error on my first attempt and did not wait the full 30 minutes before I added the crystal seeding and nothing ended up growing. On the subsequent attempts I followed the instructions to a T and was able to grow beautiful crystals. I even ordered a second set because the results were astounding.

Awesome crystals!

 on January 15, 2015
By tabulous
I bought this set of crystals because it was the same brand as a previous crystal kit I had bought with tickets at an arcade. The first kit was awesome so I decided to give this a try. This kit says you can make 7 individual crystals. You can’t make 7 big crystals, but you can make 1 big, 2 medium, and 4 small (OR you could make 3 big only. It is based on how much crystal seeding and powder they start you with) It says the colors are assorted but I’m willing to bet that every kit comes with 1 pack of white, 1 pack of blue, and 1 pack of red. The kit encourages you to mix red and blue to make purple and mix the blue or red with white to make pink or light blue. The image I have attached is what color you get when you mix red and white.

Better than expected

 on January 9, 2015
By Ralph Phillips
Of the 6 crystals that could be made, 3 turned out very nice… The other 3 were somewhat disappointing. Having said that, the kids really enjoyed the process.

I read through the instructions first and they were very easy to follow and straight forward

 on April 5, 2015
By Han L Doan
The kit arrived yesterday and my son wanted to start the crystals right away. I read through the instructions first and they were very easy to follow and straight forward. Less than 24 hours later there a very visible crystals growing in our containers. We are excited to see the final outcome! Great experiment for kids who love crystals.

educational and fun for kids and grown ups

 on July 18, 2016
By Ita
Excellent product. Your child will definitely will need help and supervision. My granddaughter was very excited as she watch the crystals forming for a period of seven days. There is enough material to repeat the experiment a few more times at a later time after the first and second set. She placed the crystals in their individual display clear boxes once they were washed. Very educational. There were lots of questions and answers going back and forth about the crystals. We did online research which she enjoyed. She is only 5 yrs old and was able to follow the instructions. A great bonding and fun educational moment.

Great kit! Fun and not very time-consuming to make…

 on April 24, 2017
By Thymaena
This set is surprisingly quick and simple to work on, and I actually bought 2 of them to get better results and more crystals. Almost half of mine did not turn out (or did not grow at all), so I had to throw them out. For some reason, the clear mixture of the coloring packets did not make any crystals grow in either of the kits I bought, and it was very difficult to get any of the blue crystals to grow either. Nearly all of the red crystals I made turned out best. I followed the instructions as best as I could and kept them in temperatures ranging from about 70-78° F. The crystals started growing after 1-2 days and were finished in 5-7 days. I highly recommend trying this kit.

Interesting and fun

 on November 25, 2017
By Jess
I got this as a project for my son and I to do together, since I thought it would be interesting to him and be a learning experience while being fun at the same time. He was super interested in it and loved the whole process. But there is quite a bit of down time/waiting in between the steps so there were a lot of breaks where we had to find something else to do to kill time while we waited. Overall, it was a pretty simple and straightforward process and experiment, with easy to follow directions. But the crystals never did end up growing quite as well as they were supposed to.

Best Crystal Kit We’ve Used. Well worth the price.

 on September 4, 2017
By Jedidath
My grandson and I have been growing crystals for over 10 years, and the ones from this kit are amazing! The biggest factor you need is PATIENCE, and this kit will reward you amply. All the crystals grew larger than expected and the shapes were intriguing.

Adult supervision needed, the kids love it.

 on September 28, 2017
By Ellie
I was a bit worried because I read reviews that said the kits doesn’t work. All my crystals grew!

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