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Now you can preserve your 2,000-piece work of art with aGreatLife 12-Sheet Peel & Stick Puzzle Saver.

Adhesive That Really Sticks: There's nothing more embarrassing than
watching as your hanging puzzle sheet slowly falls out of its adhesive and
crashes to the ground – with predictable results. Our adhesive is far more
durable, allowing you to avoid this looming disaster so common to puzzle storage.

One Person Is All You Need: Unless your puzzle is massive, our
system makes it easy for one person to apply the sheets, hang the board, and
get your favorite puzzle into ship shape to be presented wherever you wish.
The whole process takes less than 10 minutes, and the result is an eye-
pleasing puzzle that can even take a few bumps without a problem.

Double The Sheets: Most puzzle preservers come with just six sheets,
which limits the size of the puzzle you can store to around 1,000 pieces. For
the true puzzle aficionado, our kit comes with a full 12 sheets, which gives you
enough room to store all but the most unwieldy creations.

Guaranteed For Life: You read right. Should anything go wrong with
your Puzzle Saver from aGreatLife, simply contact the seller for a replacement
or refund.

Don't Let Your Majestic Creation Go To Waste!

Store it in peace of mind with the Puzzle Saver from aGreatLife.

Order this premier puzzle accessory right now, so the next time you finish an
epic game, you can quickly show your accomplishment to all your friends!

Customer Reviews

Easy to use and adheres very well.

38 people found this helpful.
 on September 21, 2016
By Jeffrey Harvey
I received this puzzle saver yesterday and used it to mount a 12″ by 36″ (panorama) puzzle. I got 2 pieces of posterboard about the same size. I slid one underneath the completed puzzle and 1 over the top. My spouse and I then flipped the puzzle over onto it’s front. Despite my concern that the puzzle might fall apart, this step turned out to be effortless. So then I laid out the puzzle saver sheets on the back of the puzzle and determined that I needed 5 (of the 12) sheets to cover the back of the puzzle. Within about 15 minutes, I had all of the sheets trimmed and stuck to the back of the puzzle. Then running a rolling pin over the back ensured good adhesion to the whole puzzle. The whole process took only about 20 minutes — the first time I ever did it. The next time, it will take less than 10 minutes now that I’m familiar with it. All in all, it is an easy job and securely sticks the puzzle together, so I give it 5 stars.

Works like a charm! Great puzzle saver.

23 people found this helpful.
 on December 24, 2016
By For Whom the Bell Tolls
First, I’d like to comment on how timely the product shipped. I got it within two days of ordering, using Prime 2-day shipping. That was nice, and unexpected, especially since it was in the middle of the Christmas shopping season. The product was a gift for my retired mom, who likes doing puzzles as a past time, but has arthritis issues with her hands. We helped to flip the puzzle and get the puzzle saver backing onto it for her, but I don’t think she would have any problems doing it herself with a smaller puzzle. It was very easy to use, and worked great. The peeling came off without issue, the backing was easy to place, and the puzzle stayed firmly put, even when held up vertically by its corners. The seller made an effort to reach out and make sure we were happy, and weren’t having any issues, which I thought was a nice touch, too. I’d definitely recommend this product to others. I think it’s a great alternative to puzzle glue.

Small business with a big heart

28 people found this helpful.
 on November 12, 2016
By J. Petrovic
I’m not a puzzler really but since I spent the time to put together a 2,000 piece puzzle I wanted to preserve it. I looked at several options and decided this was the best one. I heard from the company thanking me for my order and then again when my product shipped. I received another email after I had used the peel and stick sheets on the puzzle. I mentioned to the representative that a few pieces had not stuck. I got a response suggesting that I use a rolling pin to make sure all the pieces were flattened against the sticky sheets. As it turned out, we had not followed the directions and had overlapped the sheets covering the sticky stuff. Even though it was our error I was immediately offered another product at no charge to try and fix the problem. I haven’t had customer service like this in a long time. In fact, customer service seems optional these days. I can’t recommend this product and company highly enough.

Best way to save puzzles, hands down

17 people found this helpful.
 on March 23, 2017
By Stephen
This is my third time purchasing these Puzzle Savers – they are AMAZING!

My puzzle looks amazing, thanks to peel and stick sheets I was …

16 people found this helpful.
 on January 27, 2017
By Lorraine Zecca
My puzzle looks amazing, thanks to peel and stick sheets I was able to frame it and hang it in my office at work…everyone loves it! I highly recommend this product to seal your finished puzzles.

Save your time puzzle lovers! This is the item to buy!

10 people found this helpful.
 on September 29, 2016
By Mar
I purchased this puzzle saver for my parents whom love puzzles. They’ve always used puzzle glue and it has turned out messy and I really thought this would be such a better option. And YES it most certainly is!! It is easier for them to

it works, easily use

10 people found this helpful.
 on December 10, 2016
By Oleksii
Awesome result. it keeps 2000 puzzle and I have some spare sheet. Glue so strong that keep big picture on included hook.

Great way to save a puzzle. Strong and sticky, so plan carefully before peeling and sticking.

2 people found this helpful.
 on April 26, 2017
By DukeBedford
Great for permanently preserving jigsaw puzzles you spent many hours putting together. As advertised, it will cover two typical 1000-piece puzzles in the typical 16 by 20 inch range. The 12 sheets are each 6″ by 12″. I find them easier to manage if I separate each sheet into two 6″ by 6″ sections using the perforations. They go on the back of the puzzle, of course, so you need some cardboard sheets to turn the puzzle over. Peel off the backing from each sticky piece and overlap them by a quarter of an inch or so when pressing them on. The adhesive is quite strong, so be careful not to let the sticky sides touch each other, and make sure you’ve laid them out carefully on the back of the puzzle before peeling and sticking. We used them for one “shaped” puzzle with curved edges. In this case, you should trace the puzzle onto a sheet of paper and use it as a pattern to lay out the sticky pieces and trim them to shape before removing the backing. Once you’ve touched them to the puzzle, you can’t move them! But you can use clear packing tape to fill in any gaps between the peel and sticky pieces.

A must have!!!

5 people found this helpful.
 on September 26, 2016
By dazzling d
Thank you for this wonderful product! I received the puzzle savers and immediately put them to the test. I had purchased a large map puzzle of the United States and began teaching my 2 year old grandson the states. The puzzle kept falling apart which made it difficult and frustrating for him and I. Well thanks to your wonderful product, the puzzle is now in tact very firmly and my grandson is rapidly learning the states! Thank you so much!

Once the puzzle was flipped I followed the instructions included and everything went just fine. The only hard part was making su

3 people found this helpful.
 on January 18, 2017
By Gilberto Rivera
The sheets were very straightforward to use. Flipping the puzzle onto it’s front was much easier than I expected, I just pressed it between to leftover amazon boxes and nothing fell out of place. Once the puzzle was flipped I followed the instructions included and everything went just fine. The only hard part was making sure that I placed the sheet on straight. Things to note, The sheets are not particularly thick so they’ll hold the puzzle together well, but don’t expect them to serve as a hard backing. Also, be careful when peeling the backing off the sheet, sometimes it sticks a bit too well and you may accidentally start pulling apart the the sheet’s layers.

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