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Wet Head is a water roulette game. Fill Wet Head with cold water, strap on the water filled Wet Head, spin the spinner and follow the instructions on the spinner based on where the arrow lands. spin the top and pull out any one of the rods. If you stay dry, pass Wet Head to the next player. Make Wet Head the perfect game for any season by adjusting the amount of water you use to play. Fill Wet Head to brim when outside in the summer heat. Bring the fun indoors for winter by using a minimal amount of water. Summer or winter, the question remains the same, "Will you be the next Wet Head'".

Customer Reviews

The best game on a hot day!

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 on August 8, 2016
By Chelsey C
Our family loves this game. We were first introduced at a friends house and fell in love with it. I have since purchased it twice, once for my house and once as a gift. It is incredibly fun for adults and children and helps cool us down during these hot Summer days! I highly recommend this to everyone!

My 3 year old is delighted!!

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 on July 26, 2016
By Chrissy
My 3 year old absolutely loves this game. She has seen many videos on youtube of people doing the wethead challenge and she wanted one for herself very badly. The age limit on the game says 4 years old, but I imagine that is just because the helmet is a little big for her head. She doesn’t understand the game play exactly, but it has been her favorite toy since it arrived in the mail a couple months ago. She plays it by herself, inside, and we call it the dryhead game. She also happily plays on the patio for hours refilling the water and getting soaked. It was well worth the money to see the joy it has brought her.

So much fun!

 on April 25, 2017
By joshua&nikki
My daughter had been bugging me for this game for what felt like centuries. I finally caved and she was so excited. The very first day that it arrived it was like she won the lotto. You would have thought she won the publishers clearing house sweepstakes or something. It was out of the packaging and being set up to play within a few minutes of its arrival. It did not disappoint. Her and her friend had such a great time. We made sure the water was nice and frosty. She has played with it numerous times already. I was hopeful that it wasn’t just going to be a one and done kind of toy. It has not lost its appeal so far, and we have had this for about 4 months. I will buy this for my nieces birthdays. Such a simple concept and it has them laughing so hard.

if it leaks, push the plug down inside the cup!!!

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 on May 31, 2016
By PR girl
I was giving this 1 star because when it was filled with water it immediately poured out. One disappointed and frustrated mom and her kids here! I took a second look inside the water cup and pushed down a small cap. It looks like the refill end of a cheap water gun. There is NO mention of this small cap which is inside the cup. This is not the lid that sits on the top, it is inside at the bottom of the cup. Once it was pushed down the water stayed inside, and it worked fine! The assembly instructions and directions are printed on the box so they cannot be lost. They just the basics: attach water cup to hat, add the 8 rods, put on your head with Velcro strap, fill with water, and spin the wheel.

lots of fun

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 on September 23, 2016
By Remmick
Got this for my daughter and I to play in the summer. The game is what it is, there are really no surprises. You put the hat on your head and spin the dial which tells you how many pins to pull out. We have had a lot of fun with it and have really used and abused it and it is still going strong. I have a huge head and it fits me well enough to play and still have a good time. I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys having water on their heads lol.

Fun game, but because water is involved it’s probably the least played game we own.

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 on February 15, 2017
By D.O. Review
Yet another thing I “had” to buy because of the AMAZING advertisement by Sklylander Boy & Girl!! 😉 Kids liked it. It’s a fun game, although it’s not a game that can be played whenever, wherever – due to the water on your head and possibly clothes factor.

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