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The Creative Versa Tool woodburning tool is supplied with 11 points (tips) and features a dial to control the temperature from low to 950 degrees F. The dial means the tool can be used on a variety of surfaces including paper, card, leather, fabric, wood and composites. The comfort grip eases pressure when held for long use and the heat shield protects your hand from the hot barrel. The set includes a support stand, five screw-in Woodburning points (Universal, Flow, Tapered, Calligraphy and Shading); a screw-in solder point and Rosin core solder for simple hobby use; three screw-in stamps for you creativity and a screw-in hot knife point that has many used such as trimming fabric, cutting this plastic for stencils, cutting foam pumpkins and trimming a variety of materials. The screw-in transfer point to transfer Laser printed images from paper to the wood or other surfaces. Use pliers when changing hot points (tips) and be careful not to bend the points (tips). This ideal tool is fitted with the USA two pin plug and is UL approved for the USA and Canada. Recommended for ages 14+ with adult supervision.

Customer Reviews

Walnut Hollow’s Creative Versa-tool

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 on December 14, 2012
By A Helping Hand
For the most part I bought this for pyrography (or woodburning) which is a method of writing and drawing into wood with high temperatures. But there are a bunch of other woodburners out there, why did I buy this one? Well, this one comes with adjustable tips (And boy, do I love my adjustable tips!) for other jobs such as soldering, hot-knife cutting, image transfers and stamping, as well as some lead-free solder, which I appreciate since I was shopping for solder at the time, too.

great for fine art!

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 on November 26, 2016
By Sheryl A.
i really wanted to do fine art and didnt know if this tool would work based on reviews. but it would be my first time with wood burning so i didnt want to spend a lot of money. this tool turned out to be perfect! i followed directions such as letting the tips cool completely before changing them. i mostly used one tip for the whole thing anyway. yes the cord is short so sit near an outlet or use an extension cord. yes the dial easily rubs against clothing changing the temp. i just duct taped the dial to the medium high setting when working on alderwood. its the wood that determines the temp. the handle did not get too warm to hold. when looking at videos of wood artists using more expensive tools i noticed they use a heat resistant glove. so all tools likely get a little warm. see pics for what you can achieve. love it!

Does the Job with One Minor Tweak…

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 on April 18, 2015
By -jP
This tool did a good job for what I needed it for. The internal thermostat can be a little frustrating, especially when working with a small tip. The tip would obviously lose heat much quicker than the internal thermostat, so the pen would decrease heat/turn off because according to the internal thermostat, the pen was at the selected temp, when the tip was much cooler. I solved this problem by blowing on the thick metal portion of the pen, decreasing the internal temp and allowing the entire pen to warm back up. Turning the pen off and on also works but is more time consuming. All in all this pen helped me to do the job I needed. I would eventually like to invest in a higher quality pen, but right now I am in college so things are pretty tight. I attached a picture of the completed work. My project was a clipboard for grad school. Check out WinWood designs and their note catcher clipboards here on amazon. They’re beautiful, American made and look like they’ll last a lifetime. Happy Pyrography everyone!

This is such a fun tool!

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 on December 22, 2015
By raevern08
This is such a fun tool!! It does get a little hot on the grip after you use it for a while ( i have also been using it at the highest temp.) I decided I was going to teach myself how to wood burn- it’s been fun and this was super easy to use. I’ve had a blast making Christmas gifts- definitely took some getting used to though.

… wood burning art and thought this would be a great in-expensive beginners tool

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 on February 5, 2017
By thatonegirl
I have been wanting to learn how to make my own wood burning art and thought this would be a great in-expensive beginners tool. I love the options that this comes from, the amount of different points, in my opinion, has so far not left me with wishing I had more options. The actual tool itself works well, the only drawback to it is that it does take a long time to heat up, but then it works perfectly once it does.

Totally in L-O-V-E! It has helped me to be more creative . . . .

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 on September 14, 2015
By Veronica M.
I have to give the Walnut Hallow Versa Burning Tool 4 Stars. Mainly because of the temperature dial moves around freely too much.

Great tool for beginners- broke after 3 months of use

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 on April 1, 2016
By Southern Magnolia
I bought my first creative versa tool in January 2016. I had never tried wood burning/pyrography before, so I was excited to learn. I figured for $20, if I ended up hating it, I wasn’t out much money. Since the day it arrived, it has gotten a LOT of use. I discovered that I actually love wood burning and even started selling some of my creations. Which leads me to yesterday- I had gotten an order for a custom piece, and when I was almost finished with it, my tip broke off inside the tool. I remember reading reviews of this happening, so I guess I wasn’t too surprised. Since the order i’m working on is time sensitive, I grabbed my phone and jumped on Amazon to order another one. (Thank goodness for Prime!) Anyways, I had only had this tool for a few months, but in that time, it had gotten hours and hours of use. I’m giving this 4 stars because it really is a great tool and the price is amazing. I just wish it had lasted longer. If the same thing happens again to the next one I ordered, It will be time for me to invest in a more professional wood burning tool that lasts. I can’t complain though, as this little tool really is a great value for the money if you just want to casually enjoy a little pyrography as a side hobby. Great tool for beginners to learn with!

I am fond of it so far. Good outcome on leather.

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 on April 11, 2016
By Rene
This thing is great for beginners. I have only used it for leather but that being said i have not had any issues, it comes with all kinds of tips and gives you the ability to practice with them all to get comfortable with how it works. there is a ton of options on the heat settings so the color will vary accordingly. My only complaint is the actual thermostat sits really close to the pen so i find it moving around a lot while I’m drawing. Overall i am pleased with the outcome and I’m still learning.

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