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The Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set brings phonics skills to life with 26 singing, talking letters. Perfect for keeping little ones busy learning, the magnetic school bus and letter tiles stick to your fridge or any magnetic surface. Children can place each letter into the bus window and press it to hear Tad say the letter's name and sound. Press it twice and Tad will say a word that begins with the letter and then use the word in a sentence. Children can also press the music note to move and sing along to three learning songs, including the "Alphabet Song" and "Wheels on the Bus." Designed by LeapFrog experts for children ages 2 and older, Fridge Phonics reinforces alphabet knowledge, including letter names and sounds, which is an important first step in learning to read. Playing with the letter tiles, which are designed for easy manipulation by little hands, also helps strengthen fine motor and coordination skills.

Customer Reviews

My kids love it!

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 on April 28, 2016
By Brandy Aird
My son LOVES this toy! We where at a friends house and they had a phonics bucket, with he letters inside and the top doubled as the letter “base”. My son loved it, and played with it for hours. Singing along, dancing and learning. I looked it up, and the cheapest I could find it was $45. I think it may be discontinued? In my hunt, I found this one. Same exact concept but it’s a magnet instead of a bucket and the music is exactly the same.

Great Price for a Versatile Learning Toy

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 on August 7, 2016
By Practical Mama
Two things I always keep in mind when purchasing new toys:

Love it!

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 on October 28, 2016
By Mary Beth Batson
Purchased this for my son because he loves toys that sing. He dances along to the music and doesn’t even realize that he is learning to count. We also have the school bus ABCs version which he also loves. The batteries last a long time and I love how everything is magnetic. I can just stick everything to the side of the fridge and he’s within sight and occupied while I’m cooking dinner, doing dishes, etc. We’ve also taken this along on road trips with us. Just tossed the pieces into a plastic bag, stuck everything on a sheet pan in the back seat with him and he played the entire time. Definitely a good purchase!

Must buy for you little one. =)

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 on June 23, 2016
By Victoria
My child is right next to me as I type this review. He’s so excited seeing it on the computer. lol I have to say this is a MUST HAVE for your little toddler. We bought this for my son for Christmas. Two weeks after him playing with it he knew every letter of the alphabet. He was 20 months at the time. Now he is a little over 2 years old. He mostly just plays with the magnetic letters and not so much the bus, but when he first got it the bus was a big deal. Anyways, I think it is a great way to help your toddler learn the alphabet. =)

Great learning tool

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 on January 5, 2017
By Elizabeth
My son has the alphabet version of this and it played a huge part in him learning his letters (he loves it, it keeps his attention, and it’s a great tool).

Great teaching tool.

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 on March 17, 2017
By MamaRae85
We just bought a third set so our youngest could use it. This is almost exclusively how our oldest son learned his letters, teaching him much more quickly than we did. He learned his letters so quickly with this that we just gave up and turned our attention to teaching him numbers! We have to help our younger son a bit more, so it’s not a miracle teacher, but it’s very helpful nonetheless, and they both have a lot of fun with it. The only downside -and I can’t really blame them for this- is that it only comes with one set of letters, so if you lose one you’re outta luck. Hence, “a third set”. Regardless, we love this, and since we’ve bought three over the last decade, we have some extra letters!

Great for learning!

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 on December 26, 2016
By Kellie
I bought this for my twin girls when they were 18 months old and had to put it away for a while because all it was being used for was being tossed acrossed the room, etc. I recently brought it back out because they are 26 months old now. They are actually learning from it and aside from my more destructive twin occasionally still throwing the letters, actually playing with it. I recommend it if you have a child over the age of 2!

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