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Witness one of nature's most spectacular transformations up close with this reusable, collapsible habitat. Fine, transparent mesh lets you see butterfly metamorphosis up close. Product includes easy-to-use feeder and complete instructions for habitat. Butterfly larvae with food shipped directly to your home. The habitat collapses for storage when not in use. You can adopt and raise a handful of caterpillars, watch them transform into painted lady butterflies, then lift the garden cover to release your beautiful specimens into the wild. This exciting habitat makes a fabulous introduction to the miracles of nature. The larvae and food available round the year

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So fun I Bought My Own!

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 on November 13, 2000
By John
I bought one of these last year for my nieces. I also got one for me, and I’m in my 30’s. I waited until the spring time to send in my caterpillar certificate. They came in their own little container with just enough food. So you don’t need to feed them anything. I tried to put some real food such as leaves from the plants they like to eat in the wild, but they preferred the food that came with them. I think I received 6 caterpillars and they all turned into butterflies. I let them go a day or two after they emerged. Kids are completely fascinated by the process from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly. One word of caution, it may not be the best thing to get for Christmas since you may have to wait until spring to get your caterpillars. They will send them in the winter, but I didn’t want the butterflies to die on me or freeze to death if I let them go.

Fun, educational, and really cool, too!

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 on October 23, 1999
I bought this kit for my 5-year-old, but my 3-year-old wound up loving it every bit as much as the older one. The caterpillars arrive in a sealed container with everything they need–all you have to do is observe them. After a week, we placed the cocoons in the habitat, and out hatched five gorgeous butterflies. What’s more, they began laying eggs within a few days, and before you know it, we had DOZENS of teeny-tiny baby caterpillars! Of course, we set them free outside (I’m no bug farmer), and we enjoyed painted lady butterflies throughout the rest of the summer. This kit provided my children with a wonderful, exciting learning experience that they will never forget!


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 on October 14, 2005
By Gmarie
I ordered this for my bug-loving daughter who is 8 years old. She wanted a caterpillar that she could grow into a butterfly, however, me not being a nature person, I did not know where to find one. So I took the easy route and ordered them on-line. We got our first shipment of caterpillars and to our dismay there was only one live caterpillar inside the cup. I suspect the others were crushed to oblivion by a food disc that was flopping all over the cup. My daughter was ok with that so we didn’t bother Insect Lore about it. However, about 4 days later our one and only died. So I e-mailed the nice folks at insectlore.com. They asked for my shipping info which I gave to them. I also gave them the number on the card that you detach and save for you records. Be sure to save that card! It saves a lot of hassle if you have a problem. And be sure to read the directions because you are not allowed to open the cup. This was something I was not aware of when we first ordered it. I assumed the caterpillars would go straight into the mesh cage. Well, with no trouble at all we received a new cup in the mail with 5 live caterpillars! They grew to full size in about a week. I was surprised by how fast they grew! Three of them successfully formed cacoons and hung from the paper disc at the top of the cup, but two fell into the food disc. We removed them very carefully and placed them on a paper towel in the bottom of the mesh cage and the paper disc was carefully pinned to the side of the mesh. This was the most boring part. They were in cacoons for about a week. Nothing much to look at then. But when they emerged as butterflies it was very exciting! My daughter couldn’t bare to part with the butterflies so we went ahead and just kept them. After the first one emerged I put some flowers with sugar water in the bottom of the garden. Big mistake! The sugar water leaked everywhere. It seeped through the bottom and stuck to my table. Not to mention, one of the cacoons on the paper towel rolled into the sugary goop while the butterfly was emerging and ended up with damaged wings. That one only lived about 4 days. So I tried orange slices, but they didn’t seem interested so finally I tried apple slices and they loved those! So I placed fresh apple slices onto a fresh piece of paper towel in the cage every day. It was good to change it every day because it helped to prevent a fruit fly infestation. We had 4 butterflies that lived for quite a while. They even mated. I placed stems from my butterfly bush in the cage too and one day noticed little blue dots all over it. I placed those into a container and set it aside. The butterflies loved the flowers from my butterfly bush. It was fun to watch them suck nectar out of it. A second butterfly died after a few weeks or so and the third died at about 5 weeks. Now we are down to two butterflies and it’s been 7 weeks! The little blue dots were eggs that hatched after 5-10 days and we ended up with a bunch of little caterpillar larvae no bigger than the head of a pin! That was possibly the coolest thing to see! Oh yeah, and there was some fruit fly larvae too, but I killed those. Yuck! We would have raised a whole crop of caterpillars if I hadn’t messed up. I tried feeding the little ones honeysuckle and couldn’t understand why they just kept dying. Then I found out they like hollyhock! So I got some right away and was able to save only 4 out of about 20. So for the past few weeks we’ve been growing new caterpillars of our own. Which is way cool because they are not in a sealed container and as they’ve gotten older we’ve picked them up and held them. I only worry about food supply with it being fall and winter is near. But I think they may go into cacoons in less than a week and then we’ll have 4 more butterflies! I don’t know that I’ll keep it up through the winter, it is a bit of work, but it’s been a lot of fun and very interesting. I’ve never observed caterpillars and butterflies so closely. Who knew that the little caterpillar heads fell off when they went into cacoons? And my daughter enjoyed putting her hand into the cage and getting the butterflies to land on her. But that proved hazzardous one day when a butterfly escaped. I was chasing after it with a container and piece of paper. I did successfully trap it and get it back into the cage, but what chaos it was! Anyhow, I give this one a high rating because it really is cool and the people have been great in answering all my questions. I would recommend this to everyone!

Even the Big Guy likes it

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 on December 2, 1999
We set up a Butterfly Garden for the kids and, as you’ve probably already read by others’ reviews, they loved it. What surprised me most was how intrigued I found *myself* by it. All 5 caterpillars grew remarkably quickly, and all five emerged as loveable butterflies – the surprise was how I caught myself calling the kids over to look and running when they called me to take a peek at them. They were the best pets I ever had for a month! No muss, no fuss – and what a great experience, even for the he-man, butterfly-poo-pooin’ dad.

The booklet (for the kit I received) was not updated – they have changed the LIDS and FEEDING

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 on May 3, 2016
By Karin
I have 4 year old twins and we purchased this set with the 2 live cups. We just released our butterflies yesterday and here our my thoughts.

"Mom, can we get some more caterpillars, please?"

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 on August 5, 1999
My son received the butterfly garden as a birthday gift. We were going out of town, so asked to have the caterpillars delivered at a later date. They came on the exact date requested! The caterpillars were very small the first day, but grew so quickly that I wondered if we could actually watch them grow before our eyes (it certainly seemed that way)! It took only one week for the chrysalides to form, and only one more week for the butterflies to hatch. There is no feeding required for the caterpillars (they arrive in a container with their entire food supply)–all the kids need to do is watch them! My son and daughter both woke up each morning and would come running to tell me how big the caterpillars were. Then they watched them form into chrysalides, and still watched them each day until they hatched. The day we released the butterflies, my son looked at me and said “I sure am going to miss my beautiful butterflies!…Mom, can we get some more?”

wonderful fun learning experience!

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 on August 3, 1999
My 5 year old daughter loved following the life cycle of the butterflies. I am sure she will always remember the summer we had a butterfly house.

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