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  • Disney Princess Little Kingdom Magiclip | 7-Doll Giftset
  • Disney Princess Little Kingdom Magiclip 7- Doll Giftset
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Disney Princess Little Kingdom Magiclip 7-Doll Giftset

Seven adorable Disney Princess small dolls are available together in one beautiful gift set. Girls will love reenacting their favorite moments in the fairytales of Rapunzel, Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Tiana. Each princess wears a sparkling fashion in Magiclip form, which is iconic to her magical story.

Product FeaturesThe ultimate Disney Princess Little Kingdom doll collectionGirls will love reenacting their favorite Disney Princess momentsEach princess is dressed in her signature gownMagiclip fashions make it easy to change dressesIncludes Rapunzel, Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and TianaProduct Measures: 14" x 2.125" x 10"Recommended Ages: 3-12 years

Customer Reviews

Sick of dressing your kid’s dolls for them?

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 on May 7, 2014
By cathy720
As a dad (don’t let the username fool you), I was exasperated by the previous generation of these dolls. We bought them for our three-year-old, but they had vinyl dresses that you had to stretch over their soft rubber limbs that felt like they could tear loose at any second. It was a complex surgical procedure, and I quickly became quite content to merely kick them under the couch for months at a time just to be relieved from that particular slice of parental duties.

I’m impressed. These are way better than I was expecting and perfect to decorate a cake.

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 on March 9, 2016
By V
I bought these for my daughter’s 3rd birthday after a few friends raved about them. I was not sure why small dolls would cost so much. I think its a bit pricey for a few plastic dolls. . . but I understand now. These Magiclip Dolls are pretty unique. Parts of them are rubbery like a barbi doll and other parts hard plastic. You squeeze the bottom of the dresses and they have very tough plastic spring type clip, or maybe they would be called tension clips, that open and the dress slides off of. So you can take the dresses off and on these dolls and easily (for me, but my 3 year old has to work at it for now) put the dresses back on. I like these dolls because they seem like they will last her a long time. They fit perfectly in her little small hand, but are not too small. She holds one in each hand all day long.

Fun for our girls

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 on June 12, 2016
By DvdG
Great Christmas present for our daughters ages 4 and 2! It’s been 6 months now and they still play with the princesses. They like taking the dresses off and switching them. These entertain them for hours. Great product and would recommend to others. Only flaw is the rubber band that holds the dresses on is easy to take off on some of the dresses. We have just replaced them with the small elastic hair ties and those have worked great.

Magiclip dolls are pretty much the best toy we’ve ever purchased at this house.

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 on October 23, 2015
By It's Me, Sven!
If I calculated the cost of these per hour of playtime that my daughter has had out of them, they would be essentially free. She absolutely LOVES Magiclip dolls, and I also find them great. In addition to this set, she has 

My Daughter Loves These Little Dolls

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 on February 27, 2015
By Figlette
My daughter loves these dolls. She watches the videos on YouTube (with the Play Doh dresses) and went and found one in the store. After watching a few of the videos with her I decided to get her a larger pack. The look on her face was priceless! She’s not the most enthusiastic kid (2 1/2 and stoic like Mommy) but she was so excited. Definitely worth buying.

Great quality and perfect for small hands

 on February 14, 2016
By Stefanie Hoxit
My 2 year old daughter LOVES these dolls. They are so simple for her to use. Dresses change out effortlessly for small hands using a clothes pin clip method where the doll slides into the dress. These are by far her favorite toys. She runs to her room as soon as she walks through the door everyday to play with them until bedtime. Another of her friends is always wanting to come home with her just to play with these dolls. She has played with them everyday since Christmas so we are going on 2 months now. Wow! The dolls hold up well and if the dresses come apart, you just snap them back together. This doesn’t happen constantly but you should expect it to happen some with 2 and 3 year old play. In my opinion, to be plastic, this is the best made toy since metal Transformers toys!! (This shows my age doesn’t it?! ;)) My only regret is not discovering these sooner. I highly recommend and will certainly buy again.

Princess Set

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 on May 15, 2016
By naz
Got this for my 3 year olds birthday. She fell in love instantly. Super cute and fun product. Easy for little hands and fingers to manipulate. See pics for details.

Great toy, watch the legs going into the dress

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 on October 31, 2015
By Jennifer Schoenhofer
These are wonderful little dolls and dresses. My three year old loves them. Just be careful when putting the doll into the dress, if the legs aren’t together and straight, and you child forces them in, a leg may get bent. When left in the bent position inside the dress the leg then becomes a bit deformed. We were able to cross the legs for a while and it straightened out. Now she checks to make sure she can see the feet in the bottom of the dress. Great gift if your child lives to do the same thing over and over. She dresses and undresses over and over.

Great Idea….these Magiclips!

 on December 31, 2016
By yvonne
These little dolls are super cute! My 3 year old daughter absolutely loves them! So do I, actually. I love that she can easily unclasp their dresses…that is a great idea! It wasn’t difficult once she got the hang of it, and it keeps her entertained for a while since she loves playing dress up herself (now she can dress up her dolls with various awesome dresses)! I ended up buying a few more separate sets of additional dolls with extra dresses since she loved these so much. They are pretty sturdy and can withstand the daily wear and tear of an active 3 year old! Awesome purchase!

Favorite present for my daughter’s 2 year old birthday party

 on March 22, 2016
My wife sent me the link to buy these a few weeks before she turned 2, and I didn’t think much of it but bought them. This was 2 months ago, and she has played with these toys every single day since then. She watches the YouTube videos of them as well which is where I think she got the initial idea, but mostly she just plays with them herself. She puts playdoh dresses on them, she cooks for them at her play kitchen, she takes them in the bath, in the car, mixes and matches their dresses. It’s nice to be able to say she can bring one or two with her as well when we’re going somewhere. These things are great!

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