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Amazon Price: $6.75 (as of May 26, 2017 4:55 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Around the time children enter kindergarten, they begin to explore the art of small-scale, detailed drawing. While parents and teachers never want to discourage big and bold art, colored pencils are an ideal tool for children to use to satisfy their urge to draw smaller, intricate shapes. A set such as this one, with 50 different colors, also gives children the chance to explore the world of color. They can carefully fill in the blotchy markings of a calico kitten or precisely form each blade of grass–maybe trying a combination of yellow-green, pine, and jade. Older artists will appreciate the generous assortment of vibrant colors as well as the convincing metallic shades of silver and gold. Although most colors are true to their labels, a few don't deliver. For example, the pale rose leans more toward an antique, dusty rose, and the taupe is just a shade dark. But overall this is a great set of colored pencils, appropriate for any household.

Customer Reviews

Work Very Well With Adult Coloring Books

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 on April 7, 2015
By Kindle Customer
Crayola Colored Pencils are excellent. They deliver ‘very vivid’colors, there are a wide variety of shades, and they are under $7! (It’s Amazon so of course delivery was on time and well packaged). On arrival the pencils a pre-sharpened, they have a good weight to them, and with a decent sharpener one turn of the pencil sharpener and you have a nice sharp tip – btw just the tip needs sharpening. Coloring is a breeze – I can layer colors, outline, shade, make the colors as bright or as muted as want.

They work great! This is the best value

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 on April 1, 2015
By h a
They work great! This is the best value. I thought 50 colors are plenty, but once you start using them, you do feel like you could use 100 colors… But I just start getting in to coloring, so this is a great start. I am learning to blend different colors also. I have not used any other colored pencils, so I can’t compare with others, but I am pretty happy with it.

Surprisingly Good! Really!

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 on December 1, 2009
By Ray
I recently picked up a set of these colored pencils “on a lark” to use as supplemental to my other, more expensive sets, and was pleasantly surprised – no, nearly shocked – at their quality and performance. It’s not that they are better than the best Koh-i-noor or Prismacolor pencils (because they aren’t), but the truth is that, for their price, they are very difficult to beat. But price alone is not the determinant factor here: if a colored pencil is cheap but performs poorly, then there is no point in picking it up. But what I quickly discovered with these Crayola pencils is that not only are they inexpensive (they break down to only about 20 cents per pencil, compared to anywhere from $1 to $4 per pencil for the more expensive brands), but they perform exceptionally well, to boot.

The best things in life can be cheap!

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 on January 22, 2006
By Smeequat
Never assume colored pencils are for children. Never assume that a cheap art item is a poor quality art item. Crayola, for me, are best known as the most afforadable and widely ranged set of pencils on the market.

Among the best

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 on August 17, 2011
By Allen Smalling
Over the past month, for various reasons including curiosity, I’ve had occasion to buy and test the basic dozen or more of colored pencils from Prang, Mercur, Crayola, RoseArt, Cra-Z-Art, Staedtler (Norris Club), and Prismacolor Col-Erase. These Crayolas are above-average in my estimation.

Fantastic array of colors in an affordable packaged set.

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 on October 9, 2015
By Kathy M
This is a great set of colored pencils. There is every color one could possibly want included. The colors are marked on each pencil which I find a plus when creating a color by number piece. I have several brands of watercolor and standard colored pencils to color adult coloring books with. I find these are top of the line considering the extremely affordable price for 50 colored pencils. I use my Crayola pencils as much as I do the more expensive sets These pencils blend well and cover smoothly. I use a Prismacolor manual sharpener. The points are pretty rugged without a much breakage. I purchased this assortment as I have the 24 count Crayola Colored Pencil set and wanted more variety. I recommend this product to any colorist who wants to expand their coloring options..

Great for the price!

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 on June 20, 2015
By A. Uzo-okereke
Better than I remember. I think that crayola has reformulated these since I was a kid 15 years ago. So I enjoy drawing and typically use graphite, charcoal or water color. I wanted to try colored pencils but didn’t wanna drop serious cash for prismacolor. I’ve used those in the past and crayola are not as good obviously. You can’t really smudge or blend the colors but you can easily manipulate the intensity of the colors and layer. I have to say that the colors can be very solid and bold with full pressure. Regardless, most of the time you will still have some whiten creeping through your application. For the price they are great and I think they are great for kids and beginners. I don’t think that I got all the functionality I was hoping for but I got a general idea of how to create images with colored media. I’ll attach a photo of what I created with this set of colored pencils.

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