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Oh yeah, baby! It's the third official expansion for Cards Against Humanity, featuring 75 brand-new white cards, 25 brand-new black cards, and blank cards for you to seamlessly add your own inside jokes to the game. Reviews of Cards Against Humanity: "Pretty amazing." – The Onion AV Club "Best. Game. EVER." – Wil Wheaton "An incredible game." – Mike "Gabe" Krahulik, Penny Arcade "Uncontrollable laughter." – Kill Screen Magazine "The game your party deserves." – Thrillist "A game." – The Daily Beast

Customer Reviews

Shut up and take my money!

261 people found this helpful.
 on March 22, 2013
By J. Garner
As long as there are new expansion packs filled with cards with phrases I have to explain to my wife with filthy diagrams, I’m going to buy them. You should too.

Expansion Packs are Definitely Worth It

128 people found this helpful.
 on March 22, 2013
By tbro4033
If you own (or are going to buy) the full Cards Against Humanity game, you should absolutely buy this. The cards added provide a little more longevity to the enjoyment you’ll get out of the game by keeping it fresh. I have already bought the previous 2 expansions, and each time you put new cards in the deck, it adds so much replay value to the game.

Just auto-deliver all future expansion packs to my home. …And bill my ailing grandmother.

42 people found this helpful.
 on March 9, 2015
By TomHunter1968
I had plans.

most fun you will ever have save for being balls deep in a squeeling hog firing a shotgun in the air

90 people found this helpful.
 on March 22, 2013
By diclonius
I was introduced to this game at a party and immediately looked for a copy I have never laughed so hard in my life. It took 6 months before I could buy a copy for less than the ridiculous prices on eBay. It is now a permenant addition to our weekly game group and I keep it in my trunk to play anywhere anytime

Hilarious Fun!

5 people found this helpful.
 on July 9, 2016
By BrightonWhite
This game is so wrong…but so funny! It is not appropriate for children and depending on your relationship with your kids you might not even want to play it with your adult kids because it might get uncomfortable. In my opinion you need to have at least 4 people to play but the more the merrier! Everyone is dealt out some cards and each of your cards will have a word or short phrase. You take turns each time and one person who reads a phrase card which has a blank in it. Once they read the phrase card telling you where the blank is you look through your cards and figure out which one fills in the blank the best. For example – “My grandmother always tries to ____ before going to bed”. And then you would look through your cards and maybe select “Eat earthworms”. OK, so this example doesn’t seem funny because I am trying to keep it clean but let me just say not many of the cards you use to fill in the blanks are able to be listed here because they are so crude.

Sending to my husband while he’s Deployed!

28 people found this helpful.
 on March 25, 2013
By Misty K
Such a fun game thought it would great for my husband and his buddies to play while they’re enduring deployment.

When’s the Fourth Expansion coming out?

12 people found this helpful.
 on July 10, 2013
By ahuntsbe
No, seriously. When? All I want to do is play this game, laugh harder then ever, and pee a little. (Pee a little bit is a card… From which expansion, I’m not sure… I’m not admitting to peeing my pants.)

Funnest. Game. Ever.

3 people found this helpful.
 on May 14, 2014
By Captain Reynolds
I have purchased the game, all 4 expansion packs, and the bigger blacker box which have lead to never-ending hours of side stitching fun with friends during our game nights. Probably the best investment in my life regarding entertainment.

Fun game, but can get old quick

19 people found this helpful.
 on May 20, 2013
By E. Meza
The game is great the first time you play but after a short time the shock value kind of wears out. I still recommend this game, especially if you dont play it often and if you get a little buzz on for it. Just know that if you play it every week with friends, especially the same friends, it will get kind of old quick.

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