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Holy moley! It's the fourth official expansion for Cards Against Humanity, featuring 70 brand-new white cards, 30 brand-new black cards, and blank cards for you to seamlessly add your own inside jokes to the game. Reviews of Cards Against Humanity: "Pretty amazing." – The Onion AV Club "Best. Game. EVER." – Wil Wheaton "An incredible game." – Mike "Gabe" Krahulik, Penny Arcade "Uncontrollable laughter." – Kill Screen Magazine "The game your party deserves." – Thrillist "A game." – The Daily Beast

Customer Reviews

If you like to laugh at inappropriate jokes, situations or downright horrible thoughts then this game is for you.

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 on January 19, 2016
By Bella Graye
Do not play this game with anyone that is easily offended, overly religious or just generally has a stick up their ass. If you like to laugh at inappropriate jokes, situations or downright horrible thoughts then this game is for you. You might also consider wearing depends while playing because you’re going to laugh so much you’ll probably pee yourself. If you’re pregnant & pretty far along you might want to be close to the hospital in case all the laughing causes you to go into labor & beware you almost certainly will pee on yourself…..I know, i’ve been pregnant before. Ladies: waterproof mascara is a must unless you want to look like Marilyn Manson before the game is over.

A must if you’re a CAH player

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 on March 12, 2017
By Heidi Pauline
*As I have ordered all of the expansion packs I will write one review for all of them seeing as THIS GAME IS SO FUN!!* If you are offended easily, please stay away from this game. If you and your friends/family enjoy “offensive” humor, this is your game! For adults only! I used to have game nights with my friends and family as I am a huge fan of card and board games and this is by far our favorite one. We have all expansions as well as the Bigger Blacker Box so there’s no shortage to new pairings :). We started playing Apples to Apples before this came out and while it started out fun, it very quickly became boring. When Cards Against Humanity came out we knew it would become a favorite in no time and is now a get together MUST! Again, not for the faint of heart! Some of the cards are absolutely inappropriate… but that’s where the fun is!

I highly recommend picking up these expansions!

 on December 4, 2015
By Justin M
Cards Against Humanity is a game best broken out at a party, preferably accompanied by alcoholic beverages. It’s always a hit at parties, and I’ve never met anyone who didn’t love it. This is one of many expansions available that adds more cards and more hilarity to the game. If you plan on playing this game a lot (you will), I highly recommend picking up at least one of the expansions. They’re cheap, so go for it!

The BEST card game EVER!!!

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 on October 31, 2016
By Bill J.
Come on now.. Is there a better party game..? No is the answer.. I have the base starter kit and every expansion kit released yet.. If you want to have a fun get together with your adult friends then buy this game.. You will laugh uncontrollably and you will quickly learn how demented your friends are.. NOT FOR CHILDREN..

If You Like the Base Game, Keep the Fun Going

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 on January 12, 2015
By John Hyde
This expansion contains my favorite card of all time: “Grammar nazis who are also regular nazis”. With such an amazing card, how could one not buy this?

Fun for MY whole family!

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 on March 12, 2015
By Gary S.
I will admit we have family that isn’t “normal”…and I mean that in the very best way possible. Cards Against Humanity has been the new go-to game for family gatherings and parties. We all have SUCH a great time with it….kids and adults. Yes, we let our kids play. Get over yourself. We like the game so much that I’ve now bought all the expansion packs and the Big Black Box to store it all in.

Add more variety to your game!

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 on November 30, 2015
By Heather A
So we’re a little addicted to Cards Against Humanity in our household. It’s our favorite pass-time. No way could I pass on this 4th expansion pack. It was worth every penny! The more cards you have, the less likely you’ll have multiple repeats in a session. We play so much that we need as much variety as possible.

An absolute must for parties. So much fun, and it really lets you get to know people!

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 on October 6, 2016
By Guedo Fanony
Had literally no idea what this game was, but had tons of people recommend it to me for the longest time. Decided to just break down and order it and I’m SO glad I did. Once you see how much fun it is, it’s hard to stop playing. I’ve played with several groups of friends, on several different occasions, mostly while drinking, but its always a total blast. New people love it, veterans love playing with new people, its just great. I’ve since gotten all of the expansion packs as well, now I just need a case to keep it all in. Probably going to be one of my next purchases.

Funniest game I’ve ever played, thank you for sending …

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 on March 13, 2017
By Amazon Customer
Funniest game I’ve ever played, thank you for sending it so quickly. We now have a once a mo. game night. Friends and family all look forward to the next months gathering,and have suggested making it a potluck bash also, so we have more time to play.

"You can make it yourself!"

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 on April 18, 2014
By Chihiro
Okay so this is also a gift I got for someone for Christmas this year. I know CAH is good, bought her this expansion(along with another more expensive gift, this was originally meant as a holdout to buy me time) and then this April waited in line at the Kickstarter booth at PaxEast 2014 and got the big box. Not the ENORMOUS yardstick sized one, but the one that’s the size of a submarine sammich/Hero/Hoagie. This expansion adds more black cards and more white cards for more funny and disturbing jokes than you could get with the box I bought. Since her pack is smaller I’m going to ask her to mark her cards so if we play together, we don’t have to worry about who owns which cards when it’s time to clean up and go home. Every time I talked about buying CAH, my boyfriend was motivated to point out that you can download the card designs online and print them out from home. Yeah, but no one wants to play CAH with pieces of paper. We want them on card stock and then you’re stuck cutting cards out with scissors, which stinks. Not only does it hurt your hand but none of them are going to be exact, which makes them harder to shuffle and you can tell which card is which by the way it was cut out by hand. I think it’s better to get real die cut cards and pay the folks who made the game what they deserve for the awesome they’ve given to the world.

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