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The first official expansion for Cards Against Humanity, featuring 80 brand-new white cards, 20 brand-new black cards, and, for the first time, blank cards which will allow you to seamlessly add your own inside jokes to the game.

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 on February 6, 2014
By Jacob Hill
Bought all 4 expansions that are out and the “Bigger, Blacker Box”. With the abs I have received from excessive laughter I am considering being a model.

This gets intense.

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 on April 26, 2016
By faye
A couple of my friends and I played this in their apartment on our college campus. We got so into the game the cops came and asked about a noise complaint. They then proceeded to play with us for a round.

Hide the kids, hide yo wife

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 on December 9, 2011
By Daniel P. Dobbs
Imagine if the family card game ‘Apples to Apples’ was re-created by Hunter S Thompson and Charles Manson on an ether bender. That’s what you get with ‘Cards Against Humanity’. Highly recommended to adults with filthy, filthy minds.

Excellent, with one caveat

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 on October 23, 2012
By Jeff
Cards Against Humanity is easily one of the most entertaining adult party games in recent memory. Think Apples to Apples, but less “family-friendly.” Gone are the boring comparisons that made Apples to Apples (and the sequel Sour Apples) fun but dull. Instead, Cards Against Humanity pulls out all the stops and is filled with very adult (and completely politically incorrect and often simply hilarious) cards.

Great party game

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 on February 25, 2015
By Brenda
I love this game and you will to. I got my 72 year old mother to pay with us and she laughed so hard I was scared she would pass out. This is not for children but anyone over 18 will have a blast.

The first set wasn’t enough, bring on the pain.

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 on August 9, 2014
By Sean Matthew
Yes. This. It is awesome and you should throw all of your money at it. Cards Against Humanity is a simple premise stolen from Apple to Apples. It’s the same game. Well. Sort of. Well, kind of. Well, yes but with more penis jokes and such. It’s a horrible game for horrible people. Guess what, you’ll love it and so will everyone else.

We love it!

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 on January 18, 2012
By Shorty
The first expansion to the terribly fun party game: Cards Against Humanity! Definitely recommend getting it! Fun tidbit: when combined with the original set, all the black cards can fit in the expansion box and all the white in the original box; makes keeping the cards separate easier!

The Best Adult Game!

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 on June 27, 2014
By Kate
Do you have a group of friends who are a bunch of “Sick Bastards”? Do your friends love to laugh? This is the game for your next get-together. ADVISORY: You probably don’t want to play this game with you 89 yo grandmother in the room who is recovering from cardiac surgery. Or if you have a priest/nun/father/clergy/etc.. in the family, go ahead and NOT play this game in front of them. If you have friends whom you may describe as “Up-tight” or “Stick up their fanny” don’t play it with them (unless you just want to make them totally uncomfortable, then go on ahead and play it with them!

Best game in a long time!

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 on March 20, 2016
By Patricia A. Kramer-Lake
Love this game. So fun!!!

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